Diversity and User Experience scores soar thanks to accessible approaches

Building on the impressive customer satisfaction results we shared last year, we're proud to announce AbilityNet's Impact Report 2023 results.

Among the highlights, the report reveals 100% scores from organisations who report better user experiences and improved engagement with diverse employees and customers.

AbilityNet works with organisations and supports individuals to provide digital accessibility expertise in a number of ways including via IT support, consultancy, training and special events, to help create a digital world accessible to all.

Key facts from our Impact Report 2023

AbilityNet's impact on organisations:

Illustration of a set of buildings along a road, with bubbles above housing stats from our Impact Report 2023 - downloadable as plain text from the page

In 2023 we helped 463 educational establishments, 1,189 corporate organisations, 197 public sector organisations, and 385 charities and community partners empower disabled people and older people through technology. 

  • 98% Customer satisfaction
  • 100% provide a better user experience
  • 99% more knowledgeable
  • 97% increased confidence
  • 89% more inclusive
  • 100% work in a way that is more engaging of diverse employees and customers
“Really enjoyed the session. The trainer was knowledgeable and answered questions from the audience in a way that made the response engaging for everyone."
- An attendee of our Introduction to Digital Accessibility training course

AbilityNet's impact on individuals:

  • 95% Customer satisfaction
  • 81% better able to use technology
  • 77% easier to manage day to day life
  • 59% greater participation in new activities
  • 85% more knowledgeable
  • 85% increased confidence
  • 76% more independent
  • 75% less stressed
  • 70% less isolated
“I was in a desperate mess with my IT, I found the service very supportive, extremely patient and ongoing tailored to my needs. It is good to know there is help out there.” - Client who received free technology support

Access the Impact Report 2023


Download a Word version of our Impact Report, which provides the details of the above infographic in full. An audio version is also available.

Older man and woman smiling looking at laptopFree webinar: Digital discovery at any age: your guide to the online world with BT Group and Amazon

From buttons to bytes, learn how to enjoy a digitally connected life in your guide to becoming tech savvy in your senior years - or at any age.

Watch the BT Group and Amazon webinar

How we work with community partners

During 2023, AbilityNet has worked with community partners and organisations around the country to help bridge the digital divide, including working with CapGemini to engage its employees with volunteering in their community.

Other projects have included providing laptops to Ukrainian refugees via a partnership with UnitedWay, providing digital skills training to people over 65 via our partnership with BT Group, and sharing valuable advice about how to avoid scams and stay safer online, via a project with Ofcom.

Two women in the workplace call centre, one on phone smiling, one standing behind smilingLooking for ways to improve your customer satisfaction results?

Good news, AbilityNet offers training so you can make improvements: How to develop accessible, inclusive customer services.

Also, ask us about our new customer services online learning module.

Volunteer support and website assistance

Delving into the detail of our Impact Report 2023 a little, some further highlights include:

Would you like to help AbilityNet help even more people? Are you passionate about the power of technology? Become a volunteer in your area!

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