Why Get Tech Help?

AbilityNet's amazing network of volunteers help older people and disabled people to use technology to achieve their goals. They can come to you in the comfort of your own home or assist remotely to help you overcome the challenges you are facing in the digital world.

Request Free IT Support at Home
Use the Home Visit Request form on this website
Call our helpline on 0300 180 0028 during UK office hours
Please note: calls to our helpline number cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls, and AbilityNet does not receive any money from these calls


Watch our video to see how our volunteer Myles has helped Maggie continue her work as a writer with macular degeneration.

Impartial expert advice

Speak to our Disability Consultants to discover what software, hardware, Apps and adjustments could help you achieve your digital goals.  They can chat to you about any barriers you have accessing and using technology and recommend products and adaptations that can help you overcome them. This video shows our helpline expert, Alex, answering some of these tech and disability questions.

AbilityNet can help

AbilityNet has helped thousands of people use their tech to expand and improve their life. Here are just a few of the people who have used our services and the volunteers that helped them.

Man sitting in office with the word 'Capgemini' on a board in the backgroundCollaborating with Capgemini volunteers to share digital skills

Technology company Capgemini has been working with AbilityNet to connect its employees with individuals in their communities who would appreciate help learning everyday digital skills.

Read more about Capgemini's volunteers


Getting Madeleine online for the first time

"Accessing the internet does have a lot of advantages. For us it’s a miracle, really. It’s been fantastic!” says Madeleine, 81, who received a tablet loan via the AbilityNet and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust device partnership.

Read more about Madeleine


Distributing digital devices to clients of Slate Leeds, Falkirk Council and Red Chair Highland

Via our 'ConnectingU' digital device partnership with Lenovo, AbilityNet was able to deliver digital devices and online training to clients of Slate Leeds, Falkirk Council and Red Chair Highland, among other organisations.

Read more about the Slate Leeds project

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Read more about the Red Chair project


Helping Isobel learn to reconnect

Isobel has a learning difficulty and, during the pandemic, felt lonely and isolated. AbilityNet volunteers linked her in with a local charity to find a tablet, then showed her how to use it stay in touch with friends and family – and use it safely.

Read more about Isobel


Tablet tech support for Leannda

Tech-savvy home DJ Leannda is no stranger to digital devices, but when the Digital Lifeline scheme found her an Android tablet, AbilityNet provided tech support. Volunteers helped her with apps, text-to-speech settings and connecting her Braille keyboard, while helping her to play games and carry on co-chairing her local blind group.

Read more about Leannda


Helping Peter unlock the potential of his tablet

Military veteran Peter found his dyslexia made it hard to use his tablet. AbilityNet volunteer Mick helped him with a speaking app and clear instructions that helped Peter shop online and use new online services. 

Read more about Peter


Supporting a sustainable tablet scheme

Aspire Creating Communities is a charity supporting people over 55 in West Yorkshire. Working to improve the lives of isolated, digitally-excluded people, it secured funding to deliver more than 50 tablets, with AbilityNet providing long-term sustainable community support.

Read more about Aspire Creating Communities

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