How computers can help manage stress

This factsheet looks at how you can use your computer to help manage stress more effectively, whether you're at home, at work or in education.

Work and study pressures, together with the ‘always on’ culture, can be significant causes of stress. If not managed successfully, more severe stress can lead to long-term sickness, anxiety and depression.

Computers not working properly can be extremely frustrating – but it's not all bad news. There are many ways you can use your computer, tablet and/or smartphone to become better organised, more productive – and less stressed. Small changes to how your computer is set up, and to the software you use, can make significant differences.

It is important that employers understand their legal responsibilities to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their staff, to take action to reduce stress at work, and to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to prevent discrimination against their disabled employees.

Section 9 gives details of all the services that AbilityNet provides to help reduce the risk and impact of work-related stress on businesses, charities and individuals.

Links to other helpful resources are given in Section 10.

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