Accessibility Certification and Accreditation

Icon of a person with a certificate including award ribbon behind themAccessibility certification and accreditation demonstrate to customers your compliance and commitment to digital accessibility.

AbilityNet accredited websites and apps are tested by a representative sample of disabled users who can provide an authentic account of the issues that they encounter. As part of the certification process, expert accessibility testing and auditing is used to ensure that good accessibility practice has been followed.

As a result of testing and auditing, two accessibility accreditations can be received:

  • AbilityNet User Accredited and Accredited Plus LogosUser Accredited, which recognises companies that provide 'real life accessibility' and have addressed medium and high issues on their website or digital service.
  • Accredited Plus, which is our flagship accreditation and recognises a website or digital service as both 'real life accessible' and compliant with the required standard of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 

When fully awarded, our accessibility certification will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue, at which time the content must be tested and audited again to ensure that the exemplary level of accessibility that it has achieved is being maintained.

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