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Do you need a cost-effective way to teach your staff about accessibility and inclusion?

AbilityNet has developed a series of online eLearning modules to help you become a digitally disability inclusive workplace. 

People sat at computers in office environmentOn-demand modules about disability and accessibility 

We provide you with a range of customisable eLearning options including instructional videos to educate your teams about accessibility and inclusion dos and don'ts. 

The modules provide a deep dive into disability and accessibility considerations: 

  • hearing, 
  • vision, 
  • cognitive, 
  • mental health 
  • physical/motor. 

These modules* contain: 

  • Language dos and don’ts 
  • Common accessibility issues 
  • Personas: characters based on the real-life experiences of people experiencing barriers in the digital world. 
  • Assistive technology (AT) available to support each condition/impairment 
  • Practical advice to avoid creating unnecessary barriers across all of the digital content you produce.

The modules also share the business, legal and moral reasons for getting things right as well as giving you the opportunity to add your own messages as to why creating a disability inclusive workplace is so important for you as an organisation. 

If you work in Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE), you’ll know that all UK public sector organisations have a legal obligation to meet a base level of accessibility (Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations). We have created modules specifically to address that need and train your staff. 

Personalising your course

All staff can complete the modules in their own time, at their own pace.

The series can be tailored to reference any in-house tools and resources that you  have to  support accessibility at  your  business. 


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University of Westminster logoCase study: The University of Westminster

The University of Westminster has been using AbilityNet's eLearning module to educate its staff, and it customised the course to include information specific to the institution. 

“The digital accessibility course really opened my eyes up to the importance of designing and creating content which can be used by everyone, regardless of what condition one might be experiencing. It taught me that removing as many barriers as possible proactively - rather than reactively - is what makes a great user experience for all” - feedback from staff learner.

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*Add on module available providing step-by-step advice on how to ensure your Office 365 documents are created with accessibility and inclusion in mind. Express an interest in our upcoming new title ‘PDF accessibility’.

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We offer tailored accessibility and usability support, to help you ensure your website, apps and other digital services are usable, accessible and comply with UK accessibility regulations.

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