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People sat at computers in office environmentAbilityNet's online learning modules will help you to become a digitally disability inclusive workplace. 

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Disability awareness training

We provide you with a range of flexible eLearning modules including instructional videos to educate your teams about accessibility and inclusion dos and don'ts. 

The modules provide a deep dive into disability and accessibility considerations: 

  • hearing
  • vision
  • cognitive
  • mental health
  • physical/motor

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Accessible workplace modules

Teach your workforce about inclusion and accessibility awareness:

  • Language dos and don’ts 
  • Common accessibility issues 
  • Personas: characters based on the real-life experiences of people experiencing barriers in the digital world. 
  • Assistive technology (AT) available to support each condition/impairment 
  • Practical advice to avoid creating unnecessary barriers across all of the digital content you produce.

About the modules

The modules also share the business, legal and moral reasons for getting things right as well as giving you the opportunity to add your own messages as to why creating a disability inclusive workplace is so important for you as an organisation. 

All staff can complete the modules in their own time, at their own pace. 

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Accessible content with Office 365 module

Tailored specifically for content authors using Office 365, on this course you and your team will learn the practical steps to create accessible documents, with a focus on:

  • headings
  • descriptive links
  • alternative text
  • fonts
  • colour and contrast

Example documents and videos demonstrate how to use the key accessibility features within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The module also covers the creation of PDFs from Office and the potential issues that PDFs present for accessibility. It does not require any technical or accessibility knowledge. The course is aimed at any member of staff producing Word, Excel or PowerPoint content.

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All UK public sector organisations have a legal obligation to meet a base level of accessibility (Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations). We have created modules specifically to address that need and train your staff. 

Introduction to creating accessible PDF documents

For a more detailed approach to accessible PDFs, this module provides participants with a step-by-step guide to check and correct a PDF for accessibility*. The module includes videos, demonstration documents, quizzes (knowledge checks) and hands-on activities for an interactive learning session. 

The course covers:

  • automatic checks for PDF accessibility
  • content order
  • tags
  • forms
  • tables
  • a checklist with links to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility criteria.

*This course is for people who have access to the Adobe Acrobat Professional PDF authoring program.

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Looking for a training course just for individuals, not all staff? Ability's PDF Accessibility online training course may be what you need.

Accessible Recruitment

Support inclusive recruitment across your organisation by encouraging all staff to ensure best practices. This course will teach HR staff and anyone involved in the recruitment process about:

  • The dos and don’ts of inclusive recruitment.
  • Unintentional barriers we can create that reduce the pool of talent available to our organisations.
  • Areas for improvement in your own processes.
  • How technology can be valuable in supporting inclusive recruitment.
  • Where you can implement immediate changes to help your recruitment processes cater to the widest audience.

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Accessible Induction and Onboarding

Diversity and inclusion leaders, and HR staff and line managers need to know how to make all new employees feel welcome, confident and able to do their jobs as best they can. In this module, participants will discover how to do onboarding to a gold standard. 

Discover some of the unintentional barriers we can create that impact on successful onboarding of diverse teams and zone in on areas for improvement in your own processes. Course attendees also learn how technology can support inclusive onboarding and what changes can be made across your organisation to help your onboarding processes cater to the widest audience. 

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Accessible Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration are key to organisational success. Research by Atlassian shows that diverse teams outperform uniform teams by 35%. In this interactive and practical course, AbilityNet’s workplace inclusion experts share the importance of embedding inclusivity at every stage of team and collaborative working processes.

Experience real life case studies and employee feedback which help articulate how technology can be used to help develop your organisation's collaboration.

The course also uses AbilityNet’s employee inclusion journey GAP analysis questions to help identify gaps in your own process and understand the tech solutions that can help.  

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Accessible Meetings and Events

HR, events and training professionals, leaders and managers will benefit from this course that ensures inclusion is at the heart of all your events, using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other digital platforms.

Discover in this course how to make sure your events are accessible and consider the following:

  • Design and planning
  • Format and context considerations
  • Chairing and management
  • Follow up and feedback

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Accessible Customer Services

Customer service employees and leaders, customer experience leaders and user experience and researchers will learn how to ensure inclusion is at the heart of your customer relations, in this valuable course you will learn about:

  • The dos and don’ts of inclusive, accessible customer service 
  • Unintentional barriers we can create that impact on the customer experience  
  • Areas for improvement in your own processes
  • How technology supports inclusive, accessible customer service 
  • How to make sure your customer services processes cater to the widest audience

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Case study: The University of Westminster

The University of Westminster has been using AbilityNet's eLearning module to educate its staff, and it customised the course to include information specific to the institution.

University of Westminster logo“The digital accessibility course really opened my eyes up to the importance of designing and creating content which can be used by everyone, regardless of what condition one might be experiencing. It taught me that removing as many barriers as possible proactively - rather than reactively - is what makes a great user experience for all” - feedback from staff learner.

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