What does great customer satisfaction look like?

AbilityNet had a very busy year during 2022, continuing its valuable work providing IT support, devices, data and digital skills to disabled and digitally excluded people around the UK.

We partner with and support other organisations, charities, government organisations, and the NHS to share our digital accessibility expertise in a number of ways including via consultancy, training and special events, to help create a digital world accessible to all.

We're particularly delighted to announce our 2022 Impact Report, which reveals really high levels of customer satisfaction across all our work with organisations and support for individuals.

Two women in the workplace call centre, one on phone smiling, one standing behind smilingLooking for ways to improve your customer satisfaction results?

Good news, AbilityNet offers training so you can make improvements: How to develop accessible, inclusive customer services.

Also, ask us about our new customer services online learning module.

Key facts from our Impact Report 2022

AbilityNet's impact on individuals:

  • 94% Customer satisfaction
  • 76% better able to use technology
  • 78% easier to manage day to day life
  • 58% greater participation in new activities
  • 80% more knowledgeable
  • 88% increased confidence
  • 74% more independent
  • 77% less stressed
  • 70% less isolated
“This service is invaluable to people like me who are older and not IT minded, I’m so grateful and I highly recommend it. Ted was great, fixing my problems without making me feel stupid.”
 - Free technology support client

AbilityNet's impact on organisations:

Illustration of a set of buildings along a road, with bubbles above housing stats from our Impact Report 2022 - downloadable as plain text from the page

In 2022 we helped 223 educational establishments, 251 companies, and 258 charities and community partners empower disabled people and older people through technology. 

  • 96% Customer satisfaction
  • 98% provide a better user experience
  • 99% more knowledgeable
  • 98% increased confidence
  • 83% more inclusive
  • 97% positive impact on engagement
“Really brilliant session - it made me rethink my practice and go away buzzing with ideas." 
- Attendee of our How to do accessible, inclusive onboarding and induction training course

"Our three sessions have been enthusiastically received by the organisation and we can already see changes internally so thank you.” - Accessibility Services client 


Infographic outlining our impact on individuals and organisations, from page 1 of our Impact Report 2022. Download from https://abilitynet.org.uk/sites/abilitynet.org.uk/files/AbilityNet%202022%20Impact%20report%20word%20version.docx

Download a Word version of our Impact Report, which provides the details of the above infographic in full. An audio version is also available.

Access the Impact Report 2022

How we work with community partners

Over the course of 2022, AbilityNet worked with a range of organisations and community partners to support those in digital poverty to get access to technology.

Parkinson's UK logo - text reads: change attitudes, find a cure, join usOur ConnectingU device scheme saw 300 Lenovo devices making it into the hands of those that needed them. Read all about the Slate LeedsFalkirk Council, and Red Chair Highland experiences of working with beneficiaries and the free tablets they received.

We also worked in collaboration with organisations including Parkinson’s UK to share how AbilityNet's tech volunteers can support people with Parkinson's to use technology - please download flyers to print and distribute.

Volunteer support and website assistance

Delving into the detail of our Impact Report 2022 a little, here are some key achievements to celebrate:

Would you like to help AbilityNet help even more people? Are you passionate about the power of technology? Become a volunteer in your area!

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