AbilityNet provides digital aid to Ukrainian refugees in United Way UK project

Middle aged man and teenager smiling holding laptop in boxWe're delighted to share that AbilityNet has been taking part in a project alongside United Way UK to provide nearly 100 HP laptops to Ukrainian refugees currently living in the UK.

At Monex offices in London, the recipients were invited to collect their new devices, to help them to keep in touch with friends and family back in Ukraine, and navigate their new lives in the UK while the war is going on in their homeland.Mum, Dad and young male child smiling holding laptop in box, with staircase in the background

A woman and young boy smile holding laptop boxPictured here are just a few of the recipients with their laptops, including the Zborovska family (centre). 

Speaking at the Monex meet up, Liudmula Lysenko and Marina Pavlova shared how their laptop donation would make a difference to their life in the UK.

"We are really grateful for these wonderful laptops. I just started my GCSE course online and I am absolutely in need of this laptop, so thank you so much," said Liudmula. Marina agreed: "I just started to learn English and a laptop is really what I need for my growth. So thank you so much, you've done a very good job," she said.

Iryna Zinenko also received a laptop to use: "Thank you so much for your support and help for Ukrainians, because we've had a very difficult situation. This [laptop] is very useful for us, so thank you." Her teenage daughter also present shared how it would really help her prepare for her exams and do school work.


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AbilityNet volunteers set up devices

Man working on laptop in bright room"When approached about the project we felt it was a very worthwhile project to support. We are delighted that we’ve been able to support United Way UK on the delivery of this project. We’re really thankful to the volunteers for stepping up and supporting AbilityNet and United Way UK and the refugee families," says Chris Grant, Community Relationship Officer at AbilityNet.Stewart Mabon, AbilityNet volunteer sitting at table working on laptop

“The team at United Way UK is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work in partnership with AbilityNet on this vital project to bring connectivity in the UK to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Digital poverty prevents those affected from working, studying and managing everyday life as well as from staying connected with loved ones – critical for refugees forced from their homes. We thank AbilityNet, HP and our colleagues at United Way in Germany who helped make this happen,” says Jane Hudson Jones, CEO at United Way UK. 

The devices were set up by a team of seven AbilityNet tech volunteers from across the UK (including Andrew Davies in Wales, and Stewart Mabon in Scotland, both pictured). 

AbilityNet has previously worked with United Way UK on other technology-related projects and so it brought the UK charity AbilityNet on board to help install software and check the devices to ensure they were set up to a good level, ready for use by the recipients. 

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