Digital Accessibility Products and Services

We have supported companies and organisations with their accessibility goals for over 25 years with a range of services that includes accessibility audits, user testing, accessibility consultancy and training.

Our expert consultants will help you ensure conformance with disability and accessibility laws and standards. Find details of some of our key products and services below or talk to us about your project and we will advise on a bespoke digital accessibility strategy to meet your requirements.

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Accessibility Audits and Testing

Icon of a webpage with magnifying glassOur expert consultants use industry-standard software and conduct a series of manual checks to audit and test your digital services for accessibility conformance and usability issues. Last year we conducted 2,288 Accessibility Audits and Reviews, identifying 12,236 accessibility issues and offering advice on how to fix them.

Find out more about our Accessibility Audits and Testing services.


Disabled User Research and User Testing

Icon on people with speech bubbles with check marks insideUser testing can identify up to 45% more accessibility issues than an accessibility audit alone. Our expert consultants will design a process and provide a detailed report of user feedback, so you know where and how to make accessibility improvements across your digital services.

Find out more about our Disabled User Research and User Testing services.


Accessibility Consultancy and Strategy

Icon of a presentation with a graph showing upward trajectory and people observingOur team of specialist consultants, many of whom are Certified Professionals in Web Accessibility (CPWA) with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), work with your teams to develop a complete digital accessibility strategy.

Find out more about our Accessibility Consultancy and Strategy services.


Accessibility Training and eLearning

Icon of a person presenting to people with upward arrows visible representing knowledge gainEmbed accessibility within your organisation and upskill your team with training delivered by our experts. We offer online training, eLearning courses which are a cost-effective way to teach your digital teams, and also have bespoke training options to meet the needs of your organisation.

To find out more visit the training section of our websitebrowse our on-demand eLearning courses or you can make an enquiry about bespoke training options.


Accessibility Certification and Accreditation

Icon of a person with a certificate including award ribbon behind themOur seal of approval demonstrates your conformance and commitment to digital accessibility and inclusion. As part of the certification process, accessibility testing and auditing is used to ensure that good accessibility practice has been followed.

Find out more about our Accessibility Certification and Accreditation services.


Our other products and services

Icon of a clipboard displaying a flow diagram representing other servicesOther products and services we offer include accessibility design reviews, our iCOMPLY quarterly consultant-led accessibility compliance check service, and specific accessibility services for higher and further education institutions.

For an A to Z of our services we encourage you to download our Products and Services brochure. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry.


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