Assistive technology training

Robin using assistive technology for vision support - desktop set up with assistive technologies in use

Although using a computer and digital interactions are becoming increasingly intuitive, many people will benefit from some one-to-one training and advice to customise the way they use their device to meet their individual needs.   

 Training is also the most efficient way to improve confidence and encourage further independent working practices. Many people are unaware of the accessibility and productivity tools built into mainstream packages such as Office 365 and Google Suite.  

Our assessors can talk  employees  through, on a 1:1 basis,  the technology and tools already at your disposal  in your organisation,  to help  your staff  work more comfortably and productively.   

We can   provide  1:1  training on most assistive technologies  (AT).  The list below includes the more common AT,  but do ask about any specific requests you have:     

  • ClaroRead   
  • TextHelp   
  • Dragon   
  • Mindmapping  - (Mindview,inspiration, Mind Jet)   
  • Dolphin SuperNova   
  • JAWS  
  • ZoomText   
  • Global Auto Correct   
  • Grammarly  

Talk to us about  AT training  options:    

Tel: 01926 562 672  


Looking for bespoke training?

Talk to our experts about bespoke training to suit your organisation, so we can help you understand how to work inclusively whether in the office or remotely.  

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How to use assistive technology 
Learn how assistive technologies can help you and your workforce become more productive and effective
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