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  • Annie Mannion | 02 Apr 2020
    Abi James shares her tried and tested accessible procurement essential knowledge.
  • Adam Tweed | 31 Mar 2020
    At a time when isolation is a genuine concern, we must heed the revised advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and move from referring to ‘social distancing’ and instead
  • Mark Walker | 30 Mar 2020
    In response to the Coronavirus emergency AbilityNet is running a series of live online events to help share useful information for disabled people and their carers and employers.Webinar: Keeping in touch using technologyIt's tough being separated from loved ones. We'll show you how to stay...
  • Annie Mannion | 30 Mar 2020
    A step-by-step outline of what a Disabled Students' Allowances online assessments entail.
  • Sarah Botterill | 30 Mar 2020
    In this time of social isolation, technology can help us keep in touch with loved ones, especially those who are older and vulnerable.For those who haven’t grown up in the technological age, technology may feel as if it’s a barrier as well as a help.
  • Sarah Botterill | 26 Mar 2020
    Many people are now working from home for the first time. Check out our ten tips for overcoming any additional barriers you face if you are disabled or have a long-term health condition.
  • Mark Walker | 24 Mar 2020
    Helping disabled people who are working from home11.00 am, Thursday 26 March 2020Book now - belowAnyone whose job allows it is now working from home, many of them for the first time. There is a lot of general advice about remote working being shared but AbilityNet is keen to focus on how disabled...
  • Mark.Gaddes | 19 Mar 2020
    With so much uncertainty at work, at home and in education, we would like to reassure our many different customers that AbilityNet is doing all it can to keep its services open. We are very experienced at delivering our services remotely and accessibly, and our infrastructure is designed to support...
  • Guest Blogger | 17 Mar 2020
    2020 has been a good year so far for Colin Hughes as he continues to extend his voice controlled smart home to give more independence, choice and control of his day-to-day life. Read on to find out more about Colin's smart home journey....
  • Robin.Christopherson | 16 Mar 2020
    Find out more about virtual reality, and test the University of Salford's pilot web player.