Working Together: Charities and Organisations

We partner with and support other charities, government organisations, the NHS and other organisations that share our vision to create a digital world accessible to all.

In 2021 we helped 200 educational establishments, 304 companies and 239 charities empower disabled people and older people through technology. 

Contact us to find out how we could support your organisation and your service users.
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Infographic showing that in 2021 Abilitynet helped 200 educational establishments, 304 companies and 239 charities

Find out who we helped in 2021 – and how – with our 2021 Impact Report

How could we support your organisation?

Small charities

Do you want to help your service users access the digital world and empower them to use technology in their everyday lives? Refer them to us via our online form, contact us to find out more or arrange for a volunteer to join one of your group sessions. 

Nationwide charities

We can help your service users embrace the digital world through our volunteer support and free resources. If you are providing devices to your users, our Tech volunteers can be on hand with crucial digital skills advice, support and hands-on training. Perhaps your groups would benefit from some digital training?  

Find out how we partnered with Age UK to help older people use technology with confidence and achieve their everyday goals

Local governments and councils

We believe in the power of local collaboration. By pooling local resources the individuals in the region can easily find and maximise the support on offer. We are also available to discuss supporting any funding bids for digital inclusion projects. Contact us to find out how we can support digital inclusion in your local community.

See how we are working with Birmingham City Council to help them close the digital divide

Health and social care

As more health and social care services move online our volunteers can be on-hand to guide disabled and older people through this process, increasing their digital confidence and helping them to access services online. If you are providing devices to your users our Tech volunteers can be on hand to for crucial digital skills advice, support and training so they can get to grips with the device.

FInd out how we joined forces with NHS Camden and Islington Foundation Trust to tackle digital exclusion and support mental health 

Other organisations

Is your organisation passionate about helping your local or national community?
We have a range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership opportunities supporting our work helping older and disabled people through technology. We can partner with you on everything from free support for your service users, through to corporate volunteering, sponsorship and fundraising.  

Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page to find out more.

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