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Is your employer being reasonable?

We all need different support to reach our potential in the workplace.

Every employer must make Reasonable Adjustments to the workplace to prevent discrimination and ensure that their employees can work safely and be productive. They must be pro-active in identifying your needs and respond to those needs in timely and appropriate ways.

  • You may face difficulties at work due to a longstanding health condition or disability.
  • You may be struggling to adapt to more recent changes, such as an accident, or deteriorating eyesight or hearing.
  • These could include changes to your work pattern, changing your responsibilities or adjusting the IT equipment or software you use
  • You may need access to specialist equipment such as an ergonomic mouse or adjustable chair.

One size does not fit all

Our expert factsheets provide free general information about how to adjust your workplace such as dealing with RSI or Dyslexia. They offer practical advice and explain the options which may be relevant.

But everyone's needs are different, and you can only get the support you need if your employer understands your needs. That's why we recommend that you start by filling in a ClearTalents profile - a free service that you can use to explain the practical issues you face. A ClearTalents profile not only explores issues you may have relating to a disability or impairment but also concerning a broad range of other factors that may be impacting you at work.

You complete a quick online profile and a report is sent to your employer or line manager. They can then meet with you to review the report and agree the Reasonable Adjustments that you need.

Why do I need to create a Clear Talents profile?

AbilityNet helped develop ClearTalents to assist employers and employees understand the practical solutions that people need in the workplace. It is a free service that provides jargon-free information that encourages discussion and recommends many different options which are free of charge or very low cost.

For example you may need help such as:

  • Small changes in how your computer is set up could help someone with Dyslexia
  • Taking regular breaks can help people with back problems
  • Small changes in start and finish times can help someone who struggles with crowds on public transport.

Do I need my employer's permission?

No. It is never wrong to bring to your employer’s attention any needs you may have – especially if they receive that information accompanied by the reasonable adjustments required to help. At the very least it should trigger a discussion that should go a long way to resolving any difficulties you face. By law anything that is reasonable should be explored and employers know that a healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce.

What if they won't agree?

If you have disclosed needs within your profile that are presently unmet and your employer is not willing to discuss them you may wish to contact your human resources department or seek assistance from external sources of support.

As ClearTalents is a free, informative and very useful service, however, it is likely that your employer will welcome what you have said and want to provide any adjustments you may need.

What next?

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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