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AbilityNet is a series of live online events to help share useful information for disabled people and their carers and employers.

See below for details, as well as recordings of past events.

We also deliver high-quality online Accessibility and Inclusive Design Training courses to help you build skills in accessibility and inclusive design.


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    Past events

    View a recording of the event, plus slides and notes:

    Lockdown and/or technology advice

    Smart homes, tech tips for independent living at home

    • Delivered 01 June 2021

    Technology and dementia: a creative approach

    • Delivered 1pm, 25 May 2021

    Technology help for people with learning disabilities

    • Delivered 1pm, 27 April 2021

    Tablets for seniors, keep in touch with loved ones during Covid-19

    • Delivered, 26 January 2021

    How to spot an online scam and avoid it: Stay safe online

    • Delivered 24 November 2020

    Using tech to tackle loneliness and isolation

    • Delivered 30 June 2020

    Meeting neurodiverse needs during the pandemic

    • Delivered 16 June 2020

    Working with neurodiversity, is the new normal here to stay?

    • Delivered 09 June 2020

    How disabled people can use Alexa and other smart speakers to stay connected

    • Delivered 19 May

    How to take care of your mental health while working or studying from home

    • Delivered 12 May 2020

    How to access online learning to stay motivated and learn new skills

    • Delivered 5 May 2020

    How to stay safe online

    • Delivered 27 April 2020

    How to find local support groups online

    • Delivered 14 April 2020

    How to run accessible online meetings - Zoom, Teams and more

    • Delivered 8 April 2020

    How tech can help you stay connected 

    • Delivered 7 April 2020

    Digital accessibility tips

    Introduction to digital accessibility

    • Delivered 01 July 2021

    How to excel at inclusive onboarding and induction in the workplace

    • Delivered 29 June 2021

    Dementia-friendly design, expert tips for accessible websites

    • Delivered 18 May 2021

    How to do inclusive, accessible recruitment 

    • Delivered 2 March 2021

    How to do accessible social media

    • Delivered 20 October 2020

    How technology can help people with dyslexia

    • Delivered 29 September 2020

    Accessibility Anti-Patterns

    • Delivered 18 August 2020

    Accessible design tips for a competitive edge

    • Delivered 14 July 2020

    Accessibility Insights with key practitioners working in accessibility

    Accessibility Insights with the UK Government

    • Delivered 06 July 2021

    Accessibility Insights with Larry Goldberg of Verizon Media

    • Delivered 08 June 2021

    Accessibility Insights with GAAD co-founders

    • Delivered 4 May 2021

    Accessibility Insights with the BBC

    • Delivered 6 April 2021

    Accessibility Insights with Apple: February 2021

    • Delivered 16 February 2021

    Accessibility Insights with the European Disability Forum: January 2021

    • Delivered 19 January 2021

    Accessibility Insights with Malin Rygg of the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency

    • Delivered 8 December 2020

    Accessibility Insights with Christopher Patnoe of Google

    • Delivered 10 November 2020

    Accessibility Insights with Bryn Anderson of Sainsbury's

    • Delivered 6 October 2020

    Accessibility Insights with Paul Smyth of Barclays

    • Delivered 8 September 2020

    Accessibility Insights with Neil Milliken

    • Delivered 11 August 2020

    Accessibility Insights with Microsoft's Jenny Lay-Flurrie

    • Delivered 21 July 2020


    HE and Public Sector accessibility

    HE/Public Sector update: Accessibility dos and don'ts with Susi Miller 

    • Delivered 22 June 2021

    HE/Public Sector update: Promoting Accessibility, with University of Derby

    • Delivered 13 April 2021

    HE/Public Sector Update: How Cardiff Metropolitan University meets accessibility targets

    • Delivered 23 February 2021

    HE/Public Sector Update: Winning hearts and minds at University of Cambridge

    • Delivered 1 December 2020

    HE/Public Sector Update: Excelling in Digital Accessibility at Open University

    • Delivered 22 September 2020

    HE/Public Sector Update: Is your Accessibility Statement ready yet?

    • Delivered 23 July 2020

    HE Update and Accessibility Maturity Model for Higher and Further Education

    • Delivered 27 May


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