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Could your charity or community group benefit from some background information about different disabilities?

AbilityNet is offering you a set of seven sessions which we can deliver to your charity or community group to educate your team about disability, and technology.

Three smartly dressed people in workplace using laptops on desk, one of whom is sat in a wheelchairChoose from sessions on the following topics:

  • Visual impairments and sight loss
  • Hearing impairments, deafness and hard of hearing
  • Physical disability and motor impairments
  • Cognitive issues and neurodivergence
  • Mental health 
  • Online safety and scams
  • How AbilityNet can help your service users – what we do, who we are, an introduction to assistive technology, and how we can help disabled people with technology

The sessions are free but AbilityNet is a charity that helps older and disabled people use technology, so any donations are most welcome to enable us to reach more people via our network of volunteers around the UK

Sessions last between 60-90 minutes with plenty of time for attendees to ask questions of our trainer, Alex Barker.

Please note: These seven free sessions are only open to small charities and community groups. If you're part of a larger organisation looking for individual or group training, please choose from our range of inclusion and accessibility courses to suit all roles.


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About the presentations

Alex BarkerFor a while now we have been asked by national and local organisations to make their staff more aware of technology that can help  disabled and older people.  Your organisation might have service users who use assistive technology or might want to do so. 

Alex Barker sitting on chair in training room with projector displaying on screenJoin our Disability Consultant,  Alex Barker,  for an informative and fun walk through of technology that can assist people who may find it difficult to use a standard set up. He has lived experience of physical disability, and has worked for AbilityNet for 20 years and knows how important it is to be able to use technology effectively.  

These sessions will cover accessibility functionality for many devices (tablets, phones, and of course computers) and will benefit anyone from any organisation, including charities, plus support workers, Occupational Therapists,  Learning Support Assistants and more.

If you have any questions about the presentations please drop  Alex  an email  at:

“The feedback I've received from those who were present has been nothing short of amazing. Alex's insights and expertise left a lasting impression on our staff and has undoubtedly enriched the knowledge and perspectives of everyone who had the privilege to attend.”
"Alex the presenter was very informative, he came across as friendly, funny and very knowledgeable and the slides were easy to follow and understand."  
"The presentation skills were great and engaging. The training was a great overview on the available accessibility tools."  
"Well paced, informative. Learnt about technologies I didn't know existed eg: smartphones specifically for older people, which will have a real impact on clients I work with."
"Very informative, I feel that I learned a lot from attending the session." 

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