Virtual Reality, Disability and Inclusive Design

Google Cardboard is a low cost VR headset that helped kickstart interest in the technologyBuilding on Google's low cost Cardboard headsets, as well as big ticket names such as Oculus Rift and Microsoft's Hololens, Virtual Reality (VR) has quickly moved from geeky buzzword to mainstream technology. It is already widely used by estate agents, holiday companies and many other commercial applications - but what can it do for disabled people?

  • Free Webinar: Virtual Reality, Disability and Inclusive Design
  • 1pm, Thursday 26 January 2017
  • Recording available below

Senior Accessibility Consultant at AbilityNet, Raphael Clegg-Vinell offers a begunner's guide to VR and looks at some of the ways it could transform the lives of people with disabilities.

It's already being used by people with visual impairments, strokes and dementia and could have life-changing possibilities for people with many other disabilities.

The webinar will be of interest to anyone with an interest in how technology can help people with disabilities, as well as anyone developing VR applications. It does not require any existing knowledge of VR.

More about VR and disability

Virtual Reality, Disability and Inclusive Design - AbilityNet webinar slides via SlideShare

Date of webinar: 
26 Jan 2017 - 13:30