Free webinar: How tech can help people stay engaged and independent in older age

Graphic showing woman participating in online chat sitting at deskOlder lady and man smiling and looking at laptop on desk in informal settingWould you, or someone you know like to know more about how the online world can help in your life?

With the new year providing fresh enthusiasm and many people learning new skills, now is the time to conquer your tech anxieties and embrace digital freedom and how it can improve your life!

Join our free webinar to learn the basics of the digital world: Digital discovery at any age: your guide to the online world with BT Group and Amazon on Wednesday 28 February 2024, 1pm GMT. (Note, this webinar has now passed, but you can watch the recording at the link above).

Open to all, the session will focus on some of the basics of online activities and highlight issues that older or elderly tech users may be particularly interested in. We'll be providing straighforward suggestions for useful tech adjustments for everyday digital devices.

Guest speaker James O'Brien from Amazon will share how widely used Alexa and Echo devices can be used to make many tasks quicker and easier, while AbilityNet speakers Caroline Martin and Carole Deary will outline how digital devices can help everyone stay engaged and independentc, with suggestions for how everyday tech tools can simplify your life.

Come along to our webinar

All those who register for the session will receive the recording after the session is broadcast, so do sign up to benefit from the information, even if you can't make it on the day.

Bring a friend, relative or client

Offering this free webinar is one of the ways in which we're trying to help bridge the digital divide, so to reach more people you could both sign up for yourself but also bring along a community group to learn together and share the advice:

If you work in an organisation with clients who could benefit from learning about the digital world, please do share this session and encourage them to sign up or show them how the Zoom webinar process works. It's also a great session for organisations who provide digital inclusion support to service users. 

Bring a group to the webinar


AbilityNet in partnership with BT Group logoThis webinar is part of AbilityNet's Digital Skills project with BT Group to support people 65+ with getting online and using technology, such as:

- learning how to use email
- make video calls
- use online banking and book medical appointments

Sign up for Free BT Digital Skills sessions for people over 65 in your area. (Available to people in and around London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff.)

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