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An AbilityNet ITCanHelp volunteer with a clientAbilityNet's ITCanHelp volunteers provide free IT support to older people and people with disabilities of any age. Our volunteers can support people located anywhere in the UK. They are all disclosure-checked and can help with all sorts of IT (information technology) challenges, from setting up new equipment, fixing technical issues, showing you how to stay connected to family and use online services.

You can request our support by:

Becoming a volunteer

If you are instead looking for information about how you can share your IT skills with disabled people and older people please visit the 'Join our volunteers' page on our website. This contain details of what skills you will need, role descriptions and instructions for how you can apply to become an AbilityNet ITCanHelp volunteer.

Please Note

We take your privacy very seriously and will never share the information you provide to us with anyone outside of AbilityNet without your permission. We are always happy to explain how we deliver our services using the information you provide and answer any questions you might have.

In order for our volunteers to deliver the best IT support possible, we need to collect some information from you including your contact details and any disability information. We use a US-based database to store this information securely and only share it internally with our volunteer and administrative teams. By completing a request for IT support at home, you are providing your consent to the above.

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