Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis

Do you want a clear picture of where you are now with disability inclusion, and a roadmap to move forward?

Our consultants will work with you to conduct a gap analysis on your employee journeys through the organisation, from recruitment to onboarding, culture and career development. 

You can download a transcript for the Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis – AbilityNet video.

Our free Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis Grid is the first step on your journey to fostering an environment that values and supports every individual.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's current disability inclusion landscape. Identify strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and set the stage for meaningful progress.

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Where are you on your employee inclusion journey?

Download your free Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis grid, where you can consider different elements of the employee journey including recruitment, onboarding, collaboration, career development and more.

Gauge your organisation's level of inclusion maturity by considering the following statement: "The general culture around accessibility and disability inclusion feels like..."

Four level journey to a disability inclusive workplace

  • Level one 'Acorn', level two 'seed', level three 'sapling' and level four 'oak tree'. Level one can be compared to an acorn. For most, this is the starting point in the process. At level one, the general culture around accessibility and disability feels like "we don't have any disabled customers or staff. We will cross that bridge when it comes to it."
  • Level two can be imagined as a seedling. The general culture around accessibility feels like "we understand that disabled people may need adjustments but rely upon them to tell us what and why it is needed." 
  • Level three can be compared to a sapling. The general culture around accessibility feels like "we have put a lot of thought into disability inclusion and provide a range of adjustments to staff and customers who tell us about their accessibility needs."
  • Level four is the final stage of the process and can be compared to a mighty oak tree. At this stage, the general culture around accessibility feels like "we recognise the positive impact on all staff or accessing an inclusive workplace, assistive tools and alternative ways of working. Likewise, we create customer interactions and services with the broadest audience in mind. We are always listening and open to improving this."

Which stage is your organisation at? Are you an 'acorn' that needs help developing into a 'mighty oak'? We'll help you identify what steps you can take to achieve meaningful change and growth.

Use the form below to download your free Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis grid to understand the basis for the Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis service. 

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Types of disability inclusion gap analysis options 

There are three disability inclusion gap analysis options available to best suit your requirements: 

  1. Individual analysis – survey and interview is carried out with the main stakeholder to assess their perception of where the organisation is in terms of inclusive practice. 
  2. Team analysis – survey and interviews carried out with a cross section of employees. This provides a broader sense of the organisation’s inclusion needs. 
  3. Team Plus analysis – analysis onsite, interview and assessment and explorations to identify areas of opportunity. 

All options include a survey, interview(s), and a final report to help you discover your organisation’s strengths as well as the opportunities to improve. All of which you will have been able to discuss with us in terms of priority and impact. 

Choose surveys about different aspects of the working environment: 

  • Recruitment – job advertisement, application process, pre-interview, interview. 
  • Onboarding – welcome, training, workstation set up. 
  • Working practices and culture – meetings, collaboration, culture. 
  • Career development – KPIs, performance and promotion. 
  • Customer facing – physical accessibility, customer service, digital. 

Employee feedback 

Employees complete an online questionnaire to help gauge where you are on your accessibility journey and the barriers you may not even be aware of. AbilityNet’s consultants will then run a session to discuss the findings with you, review the results and talk about improvements that could be most impactful. 


This provides you with a snapshot of your organisation’s current status, outlining your strengths and the opportunities identified for improvement, alongside recommendations for short, medium- and long-term initiatives and services that will help you to achieve this. 

Get in touch about our Individual, Team and Team Plus options.

Download your free Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis grid

Download your free Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis grid. 

This is the basis for the Disability Inclusion Gap Analysis, get in touch to learn more about how we can help you deliver the process. 

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