Our volunteers are award winning!

Many older people and disabled people experience difficulties with their technology, and can’t find the support they need. That's where our amazing tech volunteers step in to provide one-to-one technology support remotely and through home visits. 

We have some lovely news to share this Volunteers' Week 2023... 

Heather, smiling at the camera and holding up her certificate Heather Sneddon, one of our volunteers and South West Scotland Coordinator, is a wonderful example of the good that volunteers do in their communities.

To recognise Heather's contribution, we nominated her for the Room to Reward programme for 'Hidden Heroes', and she was successfuly selected! This meant that Heather received a hotel break to say ‘thank you’.

"I felt already privileged to being part of AbilityNet family, so was overwhelmed at being nominated for this award," says Heather.

"Volunteering with this organisation gives me the opportunity to contribute to supporting the older or disabled with their technology, a role I enjoy. I have been fortunate to have met such an awesome group of fellow volunteers who every day provide such inspired solutions from which I regularly improve my own knowledge and skills. Since retiring, it was so welcome to feel that I could still make a contribution while still having an excuse to keep ‘playing’ with tech." 

"As we know there is no I in ‘team’ and I would not be able to perform this role without the help and support of the rest of the team of volunteers and the great assistance provided by the central group. Thank You," says Heather.

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