Developing and maintaining an accessibility statement for HE

Laptop open with lady using smartphoneThe UK Public Sector Web Accessibility Regulations became law in 2018 and created a range of new responsibilities for universities, HE (higher education) institutions and other public sector bodies. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure any student can succeed in education, with a particular focus on making sure websites and digital learning resources are accessible to disabled students.

There's a lot of change ahead, and so we're hosting a series of workshops that will provide an opportunity for you to learn new accessibility skills and focus on the requirements of the legislation - in particular the need to produce an Accessibility Statement by the 23rd of September 2019.

Our next workshop is on the 30th of July 2019 at 1pm, and will be on the topic of 'Developing and maintaining an accessibility statement for HE'. This 90-minute online workshop costs £90 and you can find full details of our HE Web Accessibility training programme on our website.

Developing and maintaining an accesssibility statement for HE

Online workshop - 1:00-2:30pm, 30 July 2019

This session looks in detail at the requirements for universities to provide an accessibility statement under the new Public Sector Web Accessibility Regulations. As well as being a legal requirement the accessibility statement is an opportunity to explain to your website users, staff and students how you support their needs, as well as communicating how your website meets accessibility standards. 

This entry-level session introduces the principles of digital accessibility and its impact on people with disability, with particular reference to higher education settings. It is ideal for anyone creating, managing or procuring digital content or systems, including digital managers, web developers, learning technologists, student services staff, academics and others.  It will also be useful to staff who support disabled students and technical staff involved with evaluating and reporting accessibility compliance.

Contents include:

  • The legal requirements for accessibility statements in universities
  • How to provide information on complying with accessibility standards.
  • Additional information to include in the accessibility statement to support the student experience
  • Requirements for updating and reviewing accessibility statements. 

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