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  • Claudia.Cahalane | 18 Jun 2019
    AbilityNet look at some of the technology options that universities can use to make their materials and courses more accessible to disabled students, from lecture capture to My Study My Way
  • Mark.Gaddes | 18 Jun 2019
    Across the UK AbilityNet has a network of 300+ friendly, disclosure checked volunteers who provide IT (information technology) support to older and disabled people through home visits and remote support. Last week, at an event organised by AbilityNet and the Royal National Institute of Blind People...
  • Adam Tweed | 14 Jun 2019
    For Chris Hughes, founder of Estendio and creator of Present Pal; presentations were his nemesis at university. Chris has dyslexia and as a result of the difficulties he experienced, he created Present Pal, presentation support software that enables you to deliver a more confident and prepared...
  • Jessica Doyle | 13 Jun 2019
    Apps that deliver low-level ambient or ‘white noise’ can increase creativity, focus, and productivity, according to a study by the Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Mark.Gaddes | 13 Jun 2019
    An accessibility help page provides a useful stepping stone on a user journey, offers practical help to your customers and shows them that you have thought about their access needs. Attend our website to find out what to include on the accessibility help page on your website.
  • Jessica Doyle | 11 Jun 2019
    The number of disabled students enrolling in university are increasing each year, and recent figures reveal that an estimated 1 in 10 students have a known disability. 
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 11 Jun 2019
    There are often barriers to using technology for older or disabled people. But with just a bit of advice and time, technology, and the world, can become more accessible.Every week, AbilityNet and RNIB send skilled and talented volunteers out in to the community to advise and support disabled or...
  • Jessica Doyle | 07 Jun 2019
    “Having Tourette’s Syndrome has made me a kinder and more conscientious person who is open and willing to take time to get to know others as individuals.
  • Jessica Doyle | 07 Jun 2019
    As of 2017, almost every undergraduate student (95%) owns either a laptop or a smartphone. Most students today are digital natives; technology is no longer just a convenience, it is a necessity and an inevitability, fully ingrained into every aspect of life, including higher education. 
  • Robin.Christopherson | 04 Jun 2019
    Among the numerous (possibly hundreds of) new and eye-opening features for iOS 13 announced in yesterday’s keynote at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) was a startling new addition to the already extensive accessibility suite; full voice control.