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  • Robin.Christopherson | 13 Feb 2020
    Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are now part of our everyday lives. It’s as natural to talk to a device and receive a spoken (or on-screen) nugget of info, as it is to whip out our phone to check the weather, Google that thing or listen to music. A new project from the clever guys at MIT (...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 12 Feb 2020
    A Nissan LEAF all-electric vehicle, equipped with all the necessary sensors and systems for full autonomous driving, has just set a new UK record journey of 230 miles across our uniquely challenging mix of roads and traffic – signifying just how viable these technologies are for everyone who either...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 12 Feb 2020
    Three top tips for accessible procurement, and how to embed inclusive design in your product development process.
  • Annie Mannion | 11 Feb 2020
    Click-Away Pound report highlights majority of disabled customers choose to pay more for a product from an accessible website than buy from an inaccessible website.
  • Guest Blogger | 05 Feb 2020
    RNIB's Sonali Rai chaired the Audio Description and Video on Demand session at TechShare Pro 2019. In this blog, she summarises the key discussions from her session panellists.
  • Annie Mannion | 04 Feb 2020
    This webinar will focus on how you can ensure you procure accessible solutions for your needs from external suppliers. You’ll learn how Leeds Trinity University has been developing processes for working with partners to ensure online accessibility.
  • Sarah Botterill | 29 Jan 2020
    If you - or a loved one - have had a stroke then you'll know that it can impact in a number of ways. For example, stroke is the commonest form of aphasia. People who are affected by aphasia, have trouble with the four main ways that we understand and use language, including reading, listening,...
  • Alex.Barker | 28 Jan 2020
    AbilityNet's advice and information officer, Alex Barker, answers some of the commonly asked questions about stroke and technologyImagine for a moment that you were unable to use one side of your body. Your foot, leg, arm, or hand stop working. It could be temporary or permanent. 
  • Guest Blogger | 27 Jan 2020
    Verizon Media's Samantha Soloway opened day two of TechShare Pro 2019 speaking about Verizon Media's experiential learning approach to accessibility and how they utilise their Accessibility Labs to increase awareness and understanding of the diverse needs of their users. Here, she reflects on her...
  • Guest Blogger | 17 Jan 2020
    SCULPT is a new way to remember the basics of web accessibility, developed within Higher Education, but of value to anyone who needs to share.