Resources for employers and employees

The law requires employers of every size to provide appropriate support and Reasonable Adjustments to all members of staff, to ensure that the workplace is safe and to prevent discrimination. Our free resources offer practical advice and will be useful to:

  • Business owners who want a productive workforce
  • HR Managers, IT and Health and Safety specialists responsible for supporting colleagues
  • Trade Unions supporting their members
  • Employees with any kind of impairment or limiting condition, their family, friends and colleagues.

AbilityNet helps people with any disability use technology to shine in the workplace, from specialist hardware and software to simple changes such as increasing the text size on your phone or changing the background colour of your documents.

Training for employers

  • Do your HR processes exclude people with disabilities?
  • Are you doing enough to ensure your recruitment and induction practices are inclusive and accessible?
  • Do you know how to promote diversity and inclusion across your organisation's processes?

Learn how to become an inclusive and compliant recruiter on our training courses:

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Factsheets and guides

Our library of free factsheets and guides provides practical information to help you find solutions to suit your needs. Popular topics include:

  • Preventing and dealing with RSI in the workplace
  • Dealing with Dyslexia in the workplace
  • Dealing with Hearing Impairment.

ClearTalents At Work

Factsheets and guides can provide general advice but every person's needs are different. ClearTalents is a free online tool that identifies the needs of any employee, based on their answers to a series of specially-designed questions.

Employees complete an online profile about factors which affect their work. The tool then generates a user-friendly report for their line manager, identifying the Reasonable Adjustments that will help them shine in the workplace.

Try it now. It is free to create a ClearTalents profile for up to ten employees in any organisation.

Freephone Helpline

Call 0800 269 545 during office hours. Our friendly expert staff can help with questions about technology and disability.


We hold regular free online sessions about common issues raised by employers and employees. These are recorded on video - with captions - to create an archive of on demand webinars available on our site.

My Computer My Way

Our free interactive guide to all the accessibility features and adjustments you can make to your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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