How to develop inclusive, accessible customer services

Ensure inclusion is at the heart of your customer experience

Why you should attend

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the dos and don’ts of inclusive, accessible customer service 
  • Understand the unintentional barriers we can create that impact on the customer experience  
  • Zone in on areas for improvement in your own processes
  • Harness the power of technology in supporting inclusive, accessible customer service 
  • Implement immediate changes to make sure your customer services processes cater to the widest audience

Who will benefit from this training?

  • customer service managers and directors
  • customer experience leaders and managers
  • customer service representatives
  • operations managers and directors
  • user experience and user researchers

Level of training: Suitable for experienced customer service employees and leaders, customer experience leaders and user experience and researchers. Also suitable for those who are newer to this area.

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Course overview

This course is part of a series in which AbilityNet’s workplace inclusion experts discuss the importance of embedding inclusivity within your organisation. This  course focuses the customer experience and making sure it is accessible and inclusive by design.  

The so-called Purple Pound representing the spending power of disabled people is £274 billion* and yet so many organisations make it difficult for disabled people to buy from them or use their services. What sorts of barriers are you putting up to exclude disabled customers?  

AbilityNet’s disability inclusion experts will discuss the importance of embedding inclusivity at every stage of the customer journey. The course is interactive and practical and involves real life case studies and customer feedback to help articulate the benefits and how technology can be used to help achieve this. Attendees will use AbilityNet’s inclusion journey GAP analysis questions to help identify gaps in their own process and understand tech powered solutions that can help.    

What you will learn

This course will look at:  

  • All the elements of the customer journey from first contact, to identifying needs, offering solutions, overcoming challenges and ongoing customer relationship.
  • We will zone in on what you need to think about from an accessibility and inclusion perspective, including environmental/physical considerations, communication considerations, interaction considerations, managing anxiety and emotions, resolving conflicts and complaints, and obtaining feedback for continuous improvement. 
"Really brilliant session. Made me rethink my practice and go away buzzing with ideas."
"Many thanks, really useful session"

Meet your trainers 

Lizi Green

Lizi Green

Lizi is a philosophy graduate and is AbilityNet's Digital Inclusion Consultant. She started working at AbilityNet in 2016 and over the years she has worked her way up through the levels of the team and is now responsible for delivering and developing workplace inclusion services to a range of clients across all sectors. Lizi has worked as an administration manager which gave her multiple experience in leading multiple teams across the organisation.  

She is passionate about assistive technology being widely available and easily accessible. As part of her role she runs tech deco events that showcase free and low cost apps to help in education

Adam Tweed

Adam Tweed, smiling at camera

Adam is AbilityNet's Innovation Consultant – Education & Workplace. With a BA in Film Studies, a BSc in Psychology and a career in IT in both the commercial and education sectors, Adam is a self-described jack-of-all-trades. He is a lover of all things tech and the idea of technology as an a seamless enhancement to ways of living and working that enables convenience, independence and a better quality of life. 

Important information 

Class size: We limit the number of people on our training courses to ensure all attendees can engage with the presenter, ask questions and have an informative experience.

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