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TechShare Pro 2023 took place on 14 and 15 November 2023, with HSBC as headline sponsor and host. Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Intuit, and Sony were leading sponsors, with contributions from partners from all sectors and from around the world.

Over 2,000 attendees online and in person enjoyed keynotes, fireside chats, panels and workshops on a huge range of subjects. Highlights included the global response to the European Accessibility Act, skills development, WCAG2.2, representation of disability, making the business case and, of course, AI.  

Recordings of all the key sessions are available below. 

TechShare Pro 2023 Archive - Day 1

Welcome to TechShare Pro 2023

The Future of Accessibility

"Accessibility is important, not only for banking and everyday tasks, but to help you enjoy your life again"

Could you beat BlindWarriorSven at a game of Street Fighter? Sven joins us on stage at TechShare Pro 2023 to share how accessibility features of technology has enabled him to enjoy his hobbies, such as gaming.

  • Mali Fernando, HSBC
  • Mark Walker, AbilityNet
  • Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet
  • Special Guest - BlindWarriorSven

Business Benefits of Disability Inclusion

Watch the recording of TechShare Pro 2023's opening session


How will the European Accessibility Act change the global accessibility landscape?

The European Accessibility Act will set new standards for digital devices and interfaces used by consumers across the European Union and have a direct impact on every business that wants to trade in the EU after 2025.  

The Act itself is in its detailed final stages, and will then be adopted at a national level across the EU. This panel will look at how the EAA could change the global landscape for digital accessibility.  

Watch the recording of How will the European Accessibility Act change the global accessibility landscape


Media Representation of Disability

The negative and problematic way that disability is perceived by the general public has a profound effect on the work of digital accessibility advocates. This panel will discuss how media of all kinds represents disability and what role we can play in promoting positive messages through video, advertising, images, and social media. 

Watch the recording of Media Representation of Disability


Accessible Gaming

Gaming is often at the bleeding edge of digital experiences. Our panel will consider the changes taking place across the industry as accessibility continues to drive innovation in hardware and games design.

Watch the recording of Accessible Gaming


Accessibility Journey at PlayStation: PS5, Access Controller & Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Watch the recording of Accessibility Journey at PlayStation


Document Accessibility: PDF or HTML?

Watch the recording of Document Accessibility: PDF or HTML?


How to make your communication more inclusive

Watch the recording of How to make your communication more inclusive


IAAP EU Drop-in Session - Networking

Your questions answered about the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) membership, professional certification, EU legislation or standardisation on accessibility! 

Watch the recording of IAAP EU Drop-in Session


Inclusive Communications - Networking

Watch the recording of Inclusive Communications - Networking


Teaching Homer Simpson about Accessibility

We all have different learning needs at different times. Do you design your learning materials for Mr Spock, assuming that logic and facts will pave the way to new understanding? Or do you treat your learners like Homer Simpson and decorate your learning pathway with low hanging fruits and instant rewards?  This session looks at the behavioural science of how we learn, including corporate learning resources and disability awareness for school children.

Watch the recording of Teaching Homer Simpson about Accessibility


Empowering the C-Suite: Overcoming Fears and Embracing Disability Inclusion

Too many people are scared of discussing disability, whether with colleagues or the people they line manage. What can the accessibility community do to help address people's fears of disability, such as onboarding resources, elearning materials, mentoring, and one-to-one ‘ask me anything’ sessions with disabled people. 

Watch the recording of Empowering the C-Suite


Accessibility in Enterprise

Microsoft has created a new model for connecting with key decision-makers. Horizons is a roadmap for helping organisations create innovative solutions for its customers, with accessibility and inclusion at its core.

Hear from senior leaders at Microsoft and its clients about how Horizons can help to connect with decision-makers in all parts of the organisation.

Watch the recording of Accessibility in Enterprise


Making the Business Case

Microsoft's Accessibility in Enterprise session provides a new model for building connections between accessibility, disability inclusion and senior leaders from all parts of the organisation. This panel will consider what the lessons are for the accessibility community.  

Watch the recording of Making the Business Case


TechShare Pro 2023 Archive - Day 2

Welcome back

Day 2 of TechShare Pro opened with Mark Walker, AbilityNet, and Mali Fernando, HSBC, discussing what happened on Day 1, and going through what to expect for Day 2. 

Microsoft and Accessibility

Jessica Rafuse explains what's new in the world of accessibility at Microsoft and how culture change is so important in building inclusive solutions.

Watch the recording of the opening session and Microsoft and Accessibility session


Driving Accessibility and Inclusive Design Through Experience Labs at Sony

Joseph Clark-Jones, Accessibility: Promotion & Advocacy at Sony discussed how Sony is using Experience Labs to drive accessibility and inclusive design.

Watch the recording of Driving Accessibility and Inclusive Design Through Experience Labs at Sony


Global Accessibility Trends

The panel discussed the findings of AbilityNet's 2023 Attitudes to Digital Accessibility Survey.

Watch the recording of Global Accessibility Trends


Brands and Disability Inclusion

AbilityNet's Mark Walker chats with Jonathan Castleman, Global Head of Brand and Brand Partnership at HSBC and Mel Edwards, the Global President of VML to discuss why organisations should focus on disability inclusion and how it can help brand image and overall customer experience. 

Watch the recording of Brands and Disability Inclusion


AI and Ableism

How well do AI tools such as ChatGPT represent disability? How much do they perpetuate negative stereotypes and representation in the information they produce? And what be done to prevent this bias from coming through in the solutions being built with these tools? 

Watch the recording of AI and Ableism


How AI can make Education more Inclusive

The rapid adoption of ChatGPT and other AI tools has left many universities, colleges, and schools have been left scrambling to adapt their learning programmes and policies.  

But behind the scare stories many academics are using the power of AI to provide inclusive learning experiences for their students. This session will provide some examples of AI-driven solutions, and also consider the challenges of more widespread adoption of best practices in the face of rapid change. 

Watch the recording of How AI can make Education more Inclusive


AI and a New Era for Disability Services

Be My Eyes is a ground-breaking app that harnessed the power of mobile phones to transform the lives of disabled people around the world. It is now adopting AI to provide a whole new set of tools that will provide an even greater sense of independence for people who are blind or have low vision.  

Watch the recording of AI and a New Era for Disability Services


Lunch and Learn (online only sessions) 

Watch the recording of Safe Listenting Technology by Sony

  • Lunch and Learn 2: Discoverability - how do people find the AT features relevant to them?
    Myles Pilling

Watch the recording of Discoverability - how do people find the AT features relevant to them?

Watch the recording of Humanising WCAG 2.2

Watch the recording of AI and Inclusion 


Metrics, Storytelling and Influence

How can accessibility leaders use storytelling to influence strategy in their organisation? What role does data play in building the case for investment? What data should we collect and what should we report?

Watch the recording of Metrics, Storytelling and Influence


Google Accessibility Discovery Centre - What Next?

Google's Accessibility Discovery Centre opened on International Day of Persons with Disability in December 2022. SInce then it's had over 1600 visitors from all kinds of organisations from around the world. Learn more about why it exists, why it works and how it is creating a blueprint for the next set of centres.

Watch the recording of Google Accessibility Discovery Centre - What next?


Understanding the Procurement Process 

Not every digital experience is designed and delivered in-house - third-party apps and resources are often purchased to deliver services used by employees and customers.  

Procurement processes have multiple stakeholders and numerous requirements and often highlight conflicts between competing and highly diverse pressures, such as security, compatibility with existing systems or budget.  

This session will help accessibility professionals understand procurement processes better, and identify the best way to achieve accessible outcomes they seek. 

Watch the recording of Understanding the Procurement Process


Apple and Accessibility

Apple has always been committed to accessibility and has developed a wide range of tools that have become mainstream features. This session will explore the way that Apple embeds inclusive design in its processes, and look at some of the emerging technologies that will bring new capabilities for its users. 

Watch the recording of Apple and Accessibility


Closing Panel: Accessibility Leaders Panel

Our panel of thought leaders will reflect on the themes explored at TechShare Pro 2023 and consider what the future holds for accessibility. 

Watch the recording of Accessibility Leaders Panel

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