Tech volunteer marks 25 years of service

AbilityNet Volunteer Simon Flower is celebrating 25 years as an AbilityNet tech volunteer.

Simon, from West Lothian, is one of our 300 volunteers who support disabled and older people at home, and remotely, to make the most of their technology

How do AbilityNet volunteers make a difference to people's lives?

"Simon Flower, smiling, holding his certificateSome years ago, a person who I worked with closely for a number of years made it clear to me what the difference was for her. She was housebound, but was a bright and active person and above all fiercely independent. All her connections with the outside world took place through her computer, whether these were physical needs, like her weekly shop, or social interactions with her friends and with the wider world," explains Simon.

"The loss of that connection to the outside world, when it occurred, severely impacted her ability to live an independent life. So when her router went down, for example, what would be a minor inconvenience to others was an existential threat to her way of life. She made it clear to me how for her, and for other clients that we work with, what can feel like a small insignificant intervention has great impact and worth," says Simon.

"As digital systems become more pervasive, this idea spread, for me, into the concept of digital inclusion and the importance of equality of access to IT systems for all. So that's what keeps me motivated!"

Thanks Simon for all your hard work helping AbilityNet clients for the past 25 years!

Do you have skills that could help older and disabled people with tech? Volunteer with us.

How AbilityNet can help

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