About our workplace assessments

AbilityNet's experts can provide a professional one-to-one assessment for any employee in any workplace. With a background in ergonomics, physiotherapy and occupational health they offer independent expert advice on disability-related issues and can recommend Reasonable Adjustments to meet legal requirements.

Our service includes:

  • a personalised holistic interview to understand the needs of the employee
  • an opportunity to try different technologies and equipment
  • detailed practical information that enables the employee and their line manager to work together to implement recommendations.

Our assessments can help in various situations, such as

  • employees asking for Reasonable Adjustments to accommodate their needs
  • staff returning to work after illness or accident
  • dealing with issues such as dyselxia and RSI which are affecting performance.

Remote assessments

  • Not every assessment needs to take place face-to-face.
  • Issues such as Dyselxia can often be resolved via a video or telephone interview conducted by phone or on a computer link.
  • This is a cost-effective way of providing personalised information where a visit to the workplace is not required.

Face-to-face assessment

  • A face-to-face assessment is provided when the employee faces practical obstacles in their workplace, or wishes to discuss specific options or try specialist equipment.
  • Some employees may feel nervous about such visits so our team provides a sensitive, discreet service which can take place at a time and location that suits them.

Equipment suppliers

  • AbilityNet is a charity and is independent of any suppliers.
  • Where relevant our Workplace Assessment reports provide guidance about specific products which we reocmmend but you are free to obtain that equipment from any supplier.
  • If necessary we can provide links to speciflist suppliers but most of the equipment we reocmmend can be found on Amazon or similar online stores.

Training and follow up support

  • When our assessors recommend software or hardware adaptations they will often recommend follow up training and support.
  • This is a vital part of the solution as it enables the employee to learn new skills and adapt their work patterns.
  • Without this help many of our reocmmendations would not be implemented and would not meet the requirements of the law or the employee.

Book your assessment now

Face-to-face and remote assessments can be booked via our team. Please complete the booking for, or call our office on 

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