Jack's work takes off

Typical monitor set up on an extendable armJack is in his mid-30s and works in the call centre of a busy travel company. His sight has been getting worse for a while due to a congenital condition and he asked for help from his manager.

His manager had seen Jack's performance suffering so was pleased to get to the bottom of the issues. He reviewed the situation with Jack and agreed to bring in an expert to look at his needs and identify the Reasonable Adjustments that could help him perform at his best.

Our Assessor came to see Jack in his office and discussed the issues he faced. He said his eyesight had reached a point where he now needs to increase the size of the text on the screen beyond the level of the built in options on his computer. He also said he was suffering from a bad back, which he felt could be related to having to lean in to read the brochures and documents he uses every day.

The Assessor recommended a large monitor set on a monitor arm, which can swing out to his head height when needed. She also suggested using ZoomText Magnifier Reader, an advanced piece of software that can zoom any part of the screen up to very large size, plus a Desktop Video Magnifier to help when reading brochures.

Jack received training and one-to-one support to get used to the new set up. He's now much happier using his screen and finds the magnifier much better for reading the brochures comfortably.

* Name changed to protect confidentiality

NOTE: Image for illustrative purposes only

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