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  • Have your staff been sent to work at home at short notice?
  • Are your staff fully productive when working at home?
  • Are they struggling with challenges not experienced from their office, such as communication, workstation set up, well-being, organisation and collaborative working?

AbilityNet offers a 1-to-1 tech-centric advice session for staff working at home with a skilled professional workplace assessor.

In a 20-to-30 minute video call, our assessor will identify challenges that the staff member may be experiencing and will offer guidance on getting the best out of their at home set-up.

They will suggest a range of tailored tips and tricks to optimise your home workspace and to work productively as part of a remote team.

Our assessors have advised thousands of disabled and non-disabled employees over many years, helping them to discover and exploit the most suitable technology to support them in their work.

The session is up to 30 minutes and will be followed up with a self-help report for the staff member confirming the consultation and featuring a list of personal recommendations.

How can your staff member book a Review?

Small print

We won’t ask the staff member for any medical evidence, and none will be recorded during the call or featured in the report. We’ll ask them for GDPR agreement to record name and email address, plus their agreement to receive a short summary report featuring the recommendations arising from the consultation. In addition to the provisions of our Privacy Notice, we will store this information in accordance with our Personal Data Retention Policy. The arrangement will be solely between the employee and AbilityNet and it will be at the employee’s discretion should they choose to discuss the contents with their employer.

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