Smart home: tech tips for independent living

This FREE webinar took place on 01 June 2021

Technology at home can enable people with disabilities to maintain their independence. You can use your voice to set reminders, turn on lights and to manage your heating and much more.

AbilityNet’s Robin Christopherson told us how he has embraced smart speakers at home. Tech4Good nominee TL Tech told us how it is working with individuals to tailor smart solutions to their needs.

Plus, an occupational therapist shared the experience of building a smart home in Scotland.

Unfortunately, part of the video failed to record but we got the bulk of the speaker sessions. All slides are included in the Slideshare deck for more information.

The FREE webinar covered

  • What is smart tech?
  • Tailored solutions from TL Tech.
  • How to use the assistive technology embedded into smart speakers.
  • How TL Tech is enabling people with smart technology.
  • Real-world applications for smart technology: an O.T's view.

Date of webinar: 
1 Jun 2021 - 13:00