Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations - Procurement: checking external products are accessible

This webinar focused on how you can ensure you procure accessible solutions for your needs from external suppliers.AbilityNet and Leeds Trinity University logo

You’ll learn how Leeds Trinity University has been developing processes for working with partners to ensure online accessibility.

AbilityNet’s Abi James shared top tips for accessibility checks to make when working with suppliers, and advice for how suppliers can provide accessible solutions for their clients.

This webinar also provided a brief update on the latest news and advice about the implementation of Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations within universities, HE (higher education) institutions and other public sector organisations.

About the webinar 

Claire Gibbons, Project Manager (Digital Team, Marketing and Communications) at Leeds Trinity University joins us to talk about accessible procurement at Leeds Trinity University (LTU). The University is coming to the end of an ambitious programme of work to renew its online publishing model through the procurement of a new web Content Management System, a new search solution, and recruiting a new Web Developer. In addition, the university has been undertaking several rounds of user research, developing a Digital Pattern Library and its supporting online Digital Service Manual. Claire’s team have also been establishing a LTU web community of practice, creating a training programme and accessible templates, and an ongoing communications and engagement programme with staff, students and external user groups.
Throughout each of these strands, accessibility has been a key principle to guide the university’s strategic and practical decisions along the way. Learn from Claire how accessibility can be built into your public sector procurement processes and website redevelopment projects at every stage, and how to work together with external agencies to ensure accessible products and services for all.
Abi James also shared tips for what to check when buying from suppliers and the importance of validating accessibility credentials. She provides advice for suppliers noting the need to understand what clients require from suppliers about accessibility; an understanding of accessibility law and how issues can be fixed. 

When did the webinar take place?

Our webinar took place on Thursday 27 February 2020, 1-2pm GMT.

The webinar:

  1. Shared Leeds Trinity University’s approach to ensuring accessible websites, documents and services
  2. Provided information on the latest news, new resources and approaches to digital accessibility within the public sector
  3. Engaged with attendees about digital accessibility challenges and opportunities within the sector, particularly focused on procuring accessible products and services

Who will benefit from watching this webinar recording?:

  • Public sector organisations
  • Higher and further education institutions
  • Local government and the health sector
  • Website owners, digital leaders, IT and procurement specialists
  • Suppliers applying for tenders in the public sector
  • Web agencies interested in improving accessibility

The webinar lasts 1 hour and includes a question and answer session.

We used MyClearText to provide live captioning of our webinar for deaf people and those who are hard of hearing.

Webinar recording, slide deck and transcript

A captioned recording of the live webinar is available on YouTube below, along with a transcript and the slide deck used during the webinar. You can also check out our blog for answers to additional procurement questions posed by our webinar attendees.

Date of webinar: 
27 Feb 2020 - 13:00