Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations - November 2019 Update

This webinar provided an update on how Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations are being implemented by universities and other HE (higher education) institutions.

As well as providing regular updates to give the latest news and advice relating to the regulations, on this webinar we had Richard Walker of the University of York joining us to talk about the journey to compliance at his institution. Richard shared how he has been coordinating the work of University of York's central professional services in supporting academic departments in meeting the compliance standards for their teaching and learning activities, to ensure an outstanding learning experience.

About the webinar

AbilityNet and University of York logos

Abi James of AbilityNet and Richard Walker of the University of York presented on this webinar. Abi is co-chair of the Further Higher Education Digital Accessibility Working Group, set up to help the sector with embedding web accessibility. In addition to her role as an Accessibility and Usability Consultant at AbilityNet, Abi is a visiting research fellow at the University of Southampton and Chairs the New Technology Committee of the British Dyslexia Association. Richard heads up the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team at the University of York. His team manages the university's e-learning platforms, including its virtual learning environment (VLE), lecture recording and e-assessment solutions, and the provision of training and support for staff. 

During the webinar Abi and Richard:

  1. Provided information on the latest news, new resources and approaches to digital accessibility within the public sector
  2. Shared the University of York's approach to compliance with Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations
  3. Engaged with attendees and responded to questions about digital accessibility challenges and opportunities within the sector

Who was this webinar for?:

  • Higher and further education institutions
  • Local government and the health sector
  • Website owners, digital leaders, IT and procurement specialists
  • Suppliers applying for tenders in the public sector

The webinar lasted 1 hour and included a question and answer session.

More information

In anticipation of appearing on this webinar, Richard shared six steps to help you think about an approach to meeting accessibility regulations which you could adapt for your institution.

 We have hosted three webinars earlier this year where we've shared information and advice about the new accessibility regulations:

Webinar recording, slide deck and transcript

A captioned recording of the live webinar is available on YouTube and on-demand below, along with a transcript and the slide deck used during the webinar.

Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations - AbilityNet webinar slides via SlideShare

Date of webinar: 
28 Nov 2019 - 13:00