How to Run Accessible Online Meetings for disabled people working and studying from home

A recording is available below and on YouTube. 

Slides are available below and for download.

This webinar focuses on the key things to think about to ensure that disabled people can access and participate in online meetings, including university learning platforms. It includes top tips for various platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom and is of interest to anyone who hosts meetings in a business, charity or university setting.

Panelists include:

  • Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet
  • Adam Tweed, AbilityNet
  • Ghizzie Dunlop, UWE
  • Michael Vermeersch, Microsoft
  • Alistair McNaught, McNaught Consulting

AbilityNet Live

Useful links from the webinar

Microsoft Teams information

Jitsi - free open source video conferencing for web and mobile 

Microsoft Accessibility Checker

Teams and Jaws walkthrough

• Panopto presentation recorder

Zoom Web Client Overview

•Powerpoint - real time subtitles in different languages

Slack information - business communication platform

Otter.AI - a web application providing speech to text transcription

Slido - Q&A and poll platform for meetings and events

Pros and cons of online meetings

•Blackboard Ally - accessibility tool for learning resources

•Alistair McNaught's blog about inclusive education, 2016

•Microsoft Immersive Reader

Date of webinar: 
8 Apr 2020 - 13:00