HE/Public Sector Update: Winning hearts and minds for accessibility

Date of webinar: 
1 Dec 2020 - 13:00

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This webinar will take place on Tuesday 1 December 2020, 1pm GMT. 

Digital accessibility improvements don’t make themselves, so before you can be confident of establishing lasting accessibility practices at your organisation, you probably need to do some work on engaging staff with accessibility improvements.
In this webinar, learn about the experiences of Katey Hugi, Digital Accessibility Coordinator. She has been working with the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, and Cambridge Judge Business School to engage staff with digital accessibility improvements, with great success. Katey will explain her approach to rolling out accessibility training programmes, techniques for encouraging accessibility best practices, and how she drives enthusiasm for ongoing digital inclusion improvements across the university. She'll share her 'Confessions of a digital accessibility coordinator', including defining what her H.I.T list is, and what on earth the 'Broccoli effect' is...

We will also provide an update on the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations (PSBAR) and how the government is monitoring compliance so far, and also find out some top tips to remember for video accessibility.

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Who will benefit from this webinar?

This webinar is for anyone working in the public sector, particularly those in a higher or further education setting, and those working on creating online content.

The webinar will last one hour and include a question and answer session. 

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