Hearing Assistive Technology

This FREE webinar took place on 08 September at 1 pm BST

How can technology help make the world more accessible to people who are Deaf or hard of hearing? We heard from a panel of experts, including speakers from Lloyds Bank, Signly, Microsoft and the RNID (National Hearing Loss Charity). The webinar covered:

  • How companies such as Lloyds and Microsoft are working to make digital services more accessible for their Deaf and hard of hearing customers
  • How Signly can help make services more accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing customers.
  • Examples of how assistive technology can help to make the digital world more accessible to customers (software and devices)

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World-class panel for Hearing Assistive Technology

Rachel Vann, Senior Manager, Responsible Business at Lloyds Banking Group

A picture of Lloyds Bank's Rachel VannRachel Vann is a Child of Deaf Adults(CODA) and can communicate using British Sign Language. She works for Lloyds Banking Group within the Responsible Business, Sustainability and Inclusion function.

She is passionate about the role that technology can play in driving inclusion and diversity. In Rachel’s current role, she considers the impacts of artificial intelligence and ethical and responsible decision making across industries.

Rachel is keen to drive a diverse and inclusive workforce across technology roles to mitigate unconscious bias and bias data that could affect the already vulnerable people in society.

Mark Applin, Co-founder at Signly

A picture of Mark Applin from Signly. He is holding a microphone and looks animatedMark is co-founder of Signly, an assistive sign language app that delivers sign language directly to the user’s mobile device providing Deaf people with equal access to information, advice and services.

In December 2019, Lloyds Bank became the first UK organisation to offer British Sign Language ( BSL) website translation for Deaf customers through Signly.

The new service will provide access to essential financial information to break down some of the barriers faced by Deaf customers. BSL is the first language for many Deaf people with its own grammar and syntax, which means that written material is often not accessible.

The signed videos are pre-recorded to cover the most popular Lloyds Bank webpages, including information on products and services and online banking.

Victoria Oakes, Storytelling & Digital Destinations Lead at Microsoft 

Microsoft's Victoria Oakes. She has glasses on top of her head. Victoria Oakes is Storytelling & Digital Destinations Lead at Microsoft UK. She is passionate about turning insight and emotion into great stories that can change the world. 

Victoria has a passion for engaging copy, visual storytelling, and data-driven insights. She truly cares about the content being useful, interesting and easy to digest.

As a philanthropy advocate, Victoria strongly believes in using technology for social impact, strengthening empowerment and inclusion for all environmental sustainability.

Jesal Vishnuram, head of assistive technology RNID

A picture of Jesal Vishnuram from RNIDJesal leads RNID's work around developing new and innovative technology that can help people who are Deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.

Hearing loss is a hugely underfunded area of healthcare. Yet, for a condition that affects 1 in 6 people and is increasing, it impacts so many people affecting their ability to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues and live independently and continue to enjoy life.

Jesal is passionate about the opportunities in this area of work and working with people with lived experience to influence the development of new technology.

She is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and driving the agenda forward. 

Date of webinar: 
8 Sep 2021 - 13:00

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