Free Training on Inclusive Technology for Students

A photo of students around a table with pens and markers, working on a projectThere is a great range of apps available to help students succeed during their studies, and many of them don't cost a thing.

Did you know there are apps to help with focus? Note-taking? Time management and organisation? As a disability and technology charity AbilityNet keeps up-to-date with the latest apps, software and assistive tech, which allows us to offer advice and make recommendations.

On our webinar Lizi Green from AbilityNet identified some of the common barriers to learning encountered by students and shared the free and low cost technology we recommend for helping students (and anyone else) to overcome these challenges.

This webinar contained useful information for Disability Service Managers and Advisers, university library and IT staff, and anyone else working for an education service provider in a student-facing role. It also contains insights and recommendations that would be beneficial for students themselves, and anyone with a professional interest in assistive technology.

The webinar lasted 1 hour and included a question and answer session.

About the webinar

Did you know it's estimated 1 in 10 students have a known disability? Our webinar began with a brief overview of AbilityNet and a summary of the services we can offer disabled students, including the free expert resources on our website such as our blogs, factsheets and webinars.

There is a great range of free and low cost apps that can help students to overcome the barriers they face at university - next we highlighted a few of our favourites that are popular and often included in recommendations when we are speaking to disabled students.

The webinar ended with a Q&A session with our expert Lizi answering questions from the audience.

Webinar Recording, Slide Deck and Transcript

A recording of the webinar is available on-demand below, along with the slide deck and a transcript from the presentation.

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Free Training on Inclusive Technology for Students - AbilityNet webinar slides via SlideShare

Date of webinar: 
20 Jun 2019 - 13:00