Digital discovery at any age: your guide to the online world with BT Group and Amazon

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From buttons to bytes, get familiar with how to enjoy a digitally connected life in your guide to becoming tech savvy at any age.

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In this webinar, expert speakers Carole Deary and Caroline Martin from AbilityNet and James O'Brien from Amazon, shared helpful tips on understanding and getting the most out of the online world.

Information shared on this webinar recording is particularly aimed at older people and seniors aged 65+, who research has shown are likely to be less digitally savvy than most other age groups.

This session formed part of AbilityNet's work with telecommunications company BT Group to help older and digitally excluded people to build online skills and confidence.

Download a text transcript of Digital Discovery at any age: Your guide to the online world 

In this webinar we covered:

  • Online tech basics including sending and receiving emails, and using smartphones
  • An introduction to AI (artificial intelligence) and how to use it to help you
  • How to use social media 
  • Using digital devices including Alexa and Echo

So, conquer your tech anxiety and embrace digital freedom by watching the webinar recording.

Who will benefit from this webinar recording?

Amazon Alexa logoThe session is aimed at anyone who would like to learn about how digital devices can help, not hinder, your life experiences, and includes tips on how to master Facebook, email and video calls, and use Amazon Alexa and Echo devices. 

If you work for an organisation that helps older people, or for anyone who would like a better understanding of the digital landscape, the resources we share in the webinar recording can also be used to help clients you support.

Meet the panellists

James O'Brien, AmazonJames O'Brien, Training Manager, Amazon

James works for Amazon in the UK as a Training Manager across Europe. James creates training material and delivers training on all things Alexa including smart speakers, tablets, Kindle, smart home and TV, showing the best ways to use the products based on the consumer's needs. 

Carole DearyCarole Deary, BT Digital Skills Trainer for the Manchester area

Carole brings a diverse background in banking, teaching, and functional skills, including using technology for financial empowerment and helping people get access to online banking services. Her main mission is empowering people from all walks of life, helping them navigate the digital world and access all the amazing opportunities it's got to offer.

Caroline MartinCaroline Martin, BT Digital Skills Trainer for the Glasgow area

Caroline previously worked in Glasgow Libraries delivering introductory digital skills courses and providing support for MS Office courses. 

Prior to Caroline worked at Momentum where she supported adults with disabilities to use assistive technology to access computers and develop Internet and MS Office skills.


This webinar lasted 60 minutes and included an opportunity to pose questions to the guests. The panel was able to answer many questions from attendees during the live session, which you can find by watching the webinar playback or accessing the transcript.  

Question: Is social media encrypted?  

Answer from Carole: In summary – not all social media is encrypted. Some platform services are such as WhatsApp, IMessage and Signal but it is always worth checking on the social media's website. 

Question:  I have a Mac. I use it just a little more than a typewriter. Is there any online program that will teach me to use the Mac without tying me up in knots?

Answer from Carole: There are online courses out there but most require payment although not too expensive.

You could also check out our free My Computer My Way tool - it offers step by step guides on how to adapt your Mac to meet your needs. You can search for a specific need (e.g. making text larger) or filter the guides based on your symptoms (e.g. hand tremor) or condition (e.g. dyslexia).

I also recommend YouTube as a good place to start. Type in what you want to know and there is usually a video for it.


Looking for the slides?

Download the PowerPoint presentation for this webinar.

Do you know an elderly person or a group of older people who want to know more about using digital devices?
We are offering a set of tailored Digital Skills sessions to people aged 65+ in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow. Group and individual sessions available.

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Date of webinar: 
28 Feb 2024 - 13:00