Accessibility Insights with Natalie Tucker of Spotify

Episode three of the Accessibility Insights web broadcast series featured Natalie Tucker, Senior Accessibility Lead at Spotify. AbilityNet's, Robin Christopherson MBE, Head of Digital Inclusion discussed with Natalie all things accessibility at the music streaming platform, Spotify and to find out about her work and career.Profile images of Robin Christopherson and Natalie Tucker

The Accessibility Insights series is your chance to find out what goes on inside large and often global organisations, learn from their accessibility leaders about the developments in their companies, the impacts of the pandemic, what makes them tick and learn about their accessibility career development. Plus, you will get to find out about their top tips.

Series two so far has been joined by Microsoft and Netflix. You can access the recording, transcript and slides below.

About Natalie

Natalie joined the global streaming company, Spotify, in 2021, following a long and interesting accessibility and technology developer career for organisations like Dropbox, Microsoft and Accenture. Natalie has 20 years of experience in the industry, helping to build the accessible web. She is highly skilled and has a strong commitment to ensuring the web works for everyone.

Webinar FAQs

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This webinar lasted 30 minutes and included an opportunity to pose questions to the guest, please see below the questions and answers from Robin. 

Q: For someone who just graduates from MSc, what is the starting point to get an entry level job in this sector?

Robin: There are no specific qualifications required to work in accessibility – although there are world-recognised certifications from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals - so starting with qualifications in IT/design/coding etc is a good place to start. Any experience you have of accessibility standards and inclusive projects you can show would also be invaluable.

Q: How do you get started in an accessibility career?

Robin: See above. Get qualifications from the IAAP and immerse yourself in the guidelines and learn to build accessible projects.

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Date of webinar: 
1 Nov 2022 - 13:00