Accessibility Goes Mobile: Accessibility challenges and opportunities

Accessibility isn't something you can bolt onto the end of a project. It's a legal requirement that can bring business benefits and it needs to be embedded in your digital strategy. 

In this webinar, AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson  discusses the challenges and opportunities for accessibility as the world goes mobile.

He starts by discussing what we mean by 'going mobile'. Is it about devices, or operating systems? Screen sizes or user journeys? How can we grapple with multiple channels and keep up with such a rapid pace of change?

And how do we keep accessibility in the mix? AbilityNet already conducts as many tests on mobile devices as it does on desktops, but how can the people building websites, apps and other digital systems embed best practise to deliver the most usable, cost-effective solutions?

Accessibility Goes Mobile: AbilityNet webinar slides via SlideShare

Date of webinar: 
26 Jun 2013 - 13:00