How to use assistive technology in higher and further education

Learn how assistive technologies can help your students and professionals learn and teach more effectively

Why you should attend

Are you new to assistive technology? Want to know what might be available to support you or someone else, or just curious about how things have developed and what you might not be aware of? 

This course will introduce the broad concept of assistive technology and the ways in which assistive technologies can be used to support a range of impairments, permanent, temporary and situational in both education and the workplace. It will demonstrate in-built settings and software and allow you to gain hands-on experience of this, before demonstrating the more specialist standalone software and hardware. 

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the definition and purpose of assistive technology
  • Be able to explain the visual, hearing, motor and cognitive barriers that assistive technology can remove for people living with permanent, temporary and situational impairments
  • Know how to access some of the free and inbuilt assistive technologies available in operating systems and popular applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google
  • Learn more about specialist software and hardware that can be purchased that provide greater functionality

Who is this training for?

  • HR managers
  • IT managers
  • line managers
  • teaching and learning staff
  • health and social care professionals
  • IT helpdesk
  • librarians
  • parents and carers. 

Level of training: Beginner - This course does not require any prior knowledge of assistive technology, but as experienced assistive technologists we also know how quickly things move on and new features and equipment, so this course will likely also include some “ah ha!” moments for even the most experienced professional.

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Length of course: 1.5 hours.

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What will be covered

  • Definition of assistive technology
  • Visual, hearing, motor or cognitive digital barriers and how assistive technologies can remove these barriers
  • Dictation and voice control
  • Text to speech and screen reading technology
  • Organisation and structuring ideas
  • Hardware / ergonomic devices
  • Alternative input – eye gaze, switch technologies

Learn about:

  • Google Chrome integrated live captions 
  • Captions within PowerPoint 
  • Otter AI 
  • Windows Narrator 
  • Windows Ease of Access - Magnifier, mouse pointer, high contrast
  • Jaws Screen Reader 
  • Google Docs Dictation 
  • Microsoft Word Dictation 
  • Dragon 
  • Microsoft Learning tools – Immersive reader 
  • TextHelp 
"Very insightful and informative."  
"A well delivered and well-paced webinar. Liked the polls and colourful examples." 
“I’ve found the sessions useful in bringing the range of accessibility issues to our attention."

Meet your trainers

Lizi Green

Lizi Green smiling at camera

Lizi is the Administration Manager responsible for running the admin teams for DSA, Workplace assessments and AbilityNet’s free services.

Lizi is a Philosophy Graduate who started working at AbilityNet in 2016, over the last 5 years has worked her way up through the levels of the team to become the Administration Manager. Lizi is passionate about assistive technology being widely available and easily accessible, as part of her role she runs Tech Demo Events that showcase free and low cost apps to help in education.

In her free time Lizi also volunteers with AbilityNet’s IT Can Help home visits.

Teresa Loftus, smiling at camera in bright room

Teresa Loftus

Teresa Loftus is an Assessment Team Manager, AbilityNet Assessment Services.  She has worked for AbilityNet since 2012 delivering workplace assessments and disabled student assessments. 
Teresa has a background in Assistive Technology (AT) training and support to students with a visual impairment in mainstream schools and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Ergonomics. She is National Association of Disability Practitioner (NADP) Accredited, has 20 years of AT experience and continuous professional development that supports a belief in Equality for all at work, home and in education. Teresa recognises that Assistive Technologies is forever evolving and improving so stays abreast of these through regular training events and research.
In her spare time, Teresa enjoys walking through glorious Gloucestershire and eating ice cream!  

Important information 

Class size: We limit the number of people on our training courses to ensure all attendees can engage with the presenter, ask questions and have an informative experience

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  • Advanced sharing of slides if required
  • Captioned recording with transcript

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