Disability Awareness Training - Removing neurodiversity barriers

Find out from disabled people with lived experience how technology can support those with cognitive differences

Why you should attend

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the types of neurodiverse differences people experience
  • Understand through real life stories the unintentional barriers we can create that impact on colleagues or learners living with neurodiverse needs
  • Understand the types of assistive technologies used to remove or alleviate barriers
  • Gather advice and tips on how to remove barriers in your workplace or educational institution or avoid creating them in the first place

Who will benefit from this training?

Anyone wishing to be able to work in a disability inclusive way. This may be of special interest to diversity and inclusion leaders, and:

  • HR Directors
  • Hiring managers
  • Line managers
  • IT managers

Level of training: Suitable for all levels of knowledge.

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  • 13:00 - 15:00 BST (2 hours)

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Course overview

This course is part of a series during which AbilityNet’s workplace inclusion experts will provide a deep dive into the experiences of people of living with different disabilities and impairments.

Led by individuals with lived experience, we will share the common barriers that people encounter at work, in study and in day-to-day life, the kinds of assistive technologies and tools that people use to overcome these barriers and the steps that everyone can take to avoid creating barriers in the first place. 

Rina (profiled below) is an accessibility and usability consultant at AbilityNet. Rina is also autistic and dyslexic. She will discuss her experiences growing up, at university and in the workplace and will provide a demonstration of the tech tools and other working and learning strategies she uses. 

The course is interactive and practical. It includes real life stories to help articulate how employing the social model of disability at your workplace or education institution can lead to a working or learning environment that embraces and welcomes everyone and is inclusive by design. 

What you will learn about

  • Types of cognitive differences and neurodivergent conditions such as autism, dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia, Tourette Syndrome and and the associated digital, environmental, and cultural barriers.
  • Assistive technologies used and other tech tools that can help. How to make sure your working or learning environment does not unintentionally exclude neurodivergent people from participating fully. 
"I found Rina's authentic and open conversation about her experience really insightful and helped my confidence in how to work better with people with neurodiversity conditions, and for my own disability. Thank you!” - Attendee from Beyond Green

"Really agree with others - best online training session I have attended."

Your trainer - Rina Wharton

Rina Wharton

Rina is an accessibility and usability consultant at AbilityNet. Rina regularly runs audits and checks of clients’ websites and mobile applications.

She writes detailed reports on any issues she finds and offers recommendations on how to fix them. 

Rina is a person with autism and often speaks about her experiences studying and in the workplace. She is fresh from speaking at AbilityNet's TechShare Pro event, which is the UK's largest meet-up for accessibility professionals. 

Important information 

Class size: We limit the number of people on our training courses to ensure all attendees can engage with the presenter, ask questions and have an informative experience.

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Online via Zoom


  • Delivered on Zoom using its automated captions feature
  • Advanced sharing of slides if required
  • Captioned recording with transcript provided

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