User Research Throughout a Product's Lifecycle

Professional Practice Workshop

Time: 12h00  |  Room: 24

Led by: Andrea Wong or Melissa Barnhart, Google + Cathy Rundle, RNIB

We all know that we need to put the user at the centre of our design processes, but how exactly do we do that? How do we connect with users at every stage of the process, what research techniques can we use to gather the right insights at the right time?

This session is led by specialist staff from Google and RNIB who offer their tips about to incorporate User Research throughout a product's lifecycle, from design to implementation.

Professional Practice Workshops are short sessions which kick off with five minutes of top tips from an industry expert - followed by your ideas and an open discussion. The sessions will be recorded and a short guide published after the conference, capturing practical top tips that you can use in your work.

TechShare Pro 2018

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