TechShare Pro 2020

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FAQs about TechShare Pro 2020 

Q: How will I join the conference?

A: TechShare Pro will take place on Microsoft Teams.

Q: How will I join Teams?

A: You will receive login details for a dedicated, single use TechShare Pro Teams account 1 week ahead of the conference. We encourage you to login and set up your account in good time.

Q: Can I use my own Teams account?

A: No, you must login using the TechShare Pro Teams account details we provide you with.

Q: Will our firewall stop us from joining the conference?

A: You will need to join the Conference using the Teams website app (and not your desktop app). You shouldn’t have any issues accessing Teams on your web browser, which are generally allowed by most firewalls. We recommend checking any questions with your IT team.

Q: Do I need to download any apps in order to play videos?

A: No, TechShare Pro will take place in your Teams web app and you do not need to download the Desktop version of Teams.

Q: How are you ensuring this event remains accessible?

A: We are making every attempt to make TechShare Pro accessible for everyone. Subtitles and BSL interpreters will be provided for the full duration of the conference and presentations will be made available on the TechShare Pro website in advance. If you have any concerns about accessing the conference, please contact the organisers.

Q: How many colleagues can attend from one organisation?

A: There is no limit on the number of attendees that can attend from one organisation and bulk discounts are available.

Q: Do we have to join for the full three days or can we choose which sessions to attend?

A: No you can come and go as you please.

Q: Can I ask questions throughout the event?

A: We want TechShare Pro to be interactive and dynamic so we encourage questions and audience participation. Some of the panel sessions are however pre-recorded so we cannot guarantee that a particular panellist will answer your question but someone definitely will.

Q: Will the conference video be available after the event has taken place?

A: Yes, the full conference video and timed agenda will be available at some stage after the event has taken place if you would like to revisit segments of the conference. We do recommend that you will get maximum output from the Conference if you are able to attend the live event.

Q: When will the full agenda and timings be available to view?

A: The full agenda and timings will be available on the TechShare Pro website by 1st November. 

Q: Can I watch the conference on my phone/laptop or tablet?

A: We recommend viewing the Conference via laptop/ desktop computer or tablet.

Q: You say it runs from 9am to 7pm, do I really need to sit in front of my computer ALL DAY?

A: We know that attending online events is completely different to face-to-face events. We will keep each session to a maximum of 90 minutes, have regular breaks and encourage interaction wherever possible. Every day will start with networking - a chance to chat and connect with others - and the formal content will begin at 11am.

Q: Can you invoice me for my tickets?

A: Will be only issue an invoice for 5 tickets or more.

Q: Is there a Code of Conduct for TechShare Pro?

A: Yes, we do have a Code of Conduct - click here to download the Code of Conduct.

Q: Why is there a charge when other online-only events are free?

A: Tickets are much cheaper than last year's face-to-face but we still have to cover a lot of costs to make TechShare Pro a successful and accessible event. AbilityNet is hugely grateful for the very generous support of our sponsors but we will still rely on ticket income to cover our costs. Any surpluses generated will be used to support our charitable work.

Q: Where can I find out more information about AbilityNet's accessibility Services?

To find out more and download a FREE brochure about our services, please go to 


Still have questions?

Please contact us by email if you still need more information

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