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Day Three: Thursday 19 November 2020

Accessibility Leadership and Practice

11.05 Starting a Movement... How to Make Accessibility Scaleable

What goals should an accessibility evangelist set themselves? Gareth-Ford Williams explains what has been achieved at the BBC - and looks at what he'd do differently if he had a chance to start again.

  • Gareth Ford Williams, BBC
  • Mark Walker, AbilityNet

11.20 PANEL: Beyond the Lone Evangelist 

Accessibility is joining diversity and inclusion on the agenda of organisations of all shapes and sizes, but we all know the sense of being the lone voice trying to change the way things are done around here. What can we learn from what others have achieved? How do we start a movement and make accessibility scaleable?

  • Chair: Hector Minto, Microsoft
  • Charlie Turrell, BBC
  • Heather Hepburn, Skyscanner
  • Andy Black, Department for Education

12.00 How to change cultures - Creative Leadership & Inclusion

How do creative leaders make change happen inside organisations?

  • Rama Gheerawo, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Inclusive Design, RCA
  • Christina Mallon, Wunderman Thompson

13.00 Native App Accessibility 

  • Helen Burge, AbilityNet

13.00 Professional Development and IAAP UK

  • Guerman Botten, AbilityNet

13.00 UK Association for Accessible Formats- Ask the Expert Drop in Session 

Hosted by Tim Nelms, Crawford Technologies 


  • Jeff Mills
  • Roger Firman
  • Carina Birt
  • Peter Bosher
  • Clare Gailans
  • Matthew Horspool

13.00 Introduction to Accessible Formats 

Introduction to accessible music, Claire Gailans

Introduction to Audio and Text To Speech, Peter Bosher

14.00 PANEL: Understanding Accessible Fonts

  • Chair: Sarah Zama, Sony 
  • Gareth Ford Williams, BBC
  • David Bailey, BBC
  • Bruno Maag, Dalton Maag

15.00 Update on WCAG3.0 

  • Alastair Campbell, Nomensa

15.15 Practical Methods for Assessing Whether Something is 'easy to see' on Mobile 

  • Sam Waller, University of Cambridge

14.00 PANEL: Micromobility and Disabled People: Innovation, Opportunity & Risk

  • Chair: Robin Spinks, World Blind Union 
  • Jamie Chan Pensley, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Richard Corbett, Voi Scooters 
  • Alan Clarke, Lime 

14.50 Helping Disabled People find Accessible Places

  • Matt Pierri, Sociability 

15.10 Building a Map for Everyone 

  • Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, Google 

15.30 The what3words Journey to Accessibility

  • Gigi Etienne & Niki Forecast, what3words

16.00 Networking the Accessibility Champions Networks 

  • Charlie Turrell, BBC
  • Michael Vermeersch, Microsoft
  • Andy Black, Department for Education 
  • Gareth Ford-Williams, BBC

16.00 How could your organisation help us to reduce Social Isolation?

Learn how you and your colleagues can use your IT skills to help disabled and older people as part of AbilityNet IT volunteering services 

  • Sarah Brain & Chris Grant, AbilityNet

17.00 Accessibility and Business Entrepreneurs 

  • Henrik Eskilsson, CEO & Co-Founder, Tobii 
  • Emma Lawton, Co-Founder, More Human
  • Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, BeMyEyes

17.30 PANEL: Accessibility Leadership

  • Sumaira Latif, P&G
  • Christopher Patnoe, Google 
  • Christopher Lee, IAAP
  • Yuval Wagner, Access Israel
  • Irene Mbari-Kirika, inABLE
  • Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet


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