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Day One: Tuesday 17 November 2020
Accessibility, Inclusion and Business Advantage

11.05 Microsoft's Inclusion Journey and Sony's Commitment to Inclusion

  • Jessica Rafuse, Microsoft

Why is Sony investing in inclusion? And how does it work with its partners to build accessibility across its eco-system?

  • Shiro Kambe, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation 

  • Ulrike Haltrich, Senior Manager, Sony Europe 

11.15 Update on the Valuable 500

    How are the world's biggest brands responding to the Valuable 500 campaign to put disability on their agenda?

    • Mark Walker
    • Caroline Casey

    11.30 ESG and the Business Case for Accessibility 

    Robin Christopherson and Paul Smyth discuss how Environmental, Social and Governance factors affect the business case for accessibility.

    • Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet
    • Paul Smyth, Barclays

    11.50 PANEL: Business Leaders Panel 

      What tangible benefits does inclusion and accessibility bring to business?

      Hear from senior leaders about the way their organisations are using inclusion and accessibility to build competitive advantage.

      • Cindy Rose, Microsoft
      • Mark Read, WPP
      • Leena Nair, Unilever
      • Corie Brown, Channel 4

      13.00 Microsoft Accessibility Features Deep Dive 

      • Casandra Marrero, Microsoft
      • Michael Vermeersch, Microsoft
      • Dan Fernandez, Microsoft
      • Elena Cordova Russ, Microsoft

      13.00 Understanding Accessible Documents

      Introduction to accessible information and standards with Tim Nelms

      Introduction to braille with Jim McCaferty

      Introduction to Accessible PDFs with Tim Nelms


      14.00 PANEL: Accessibility and Customer Service in the COVID age with introduction from Paul Smyth, Barclays 

      What changes has Barclays made to reflect the needs of its vulnerable customers during the COVID pandemic?

      • Paul Smyth MBE, Barclays

      How the sector has responsed to the needs of its customers in response to COVID:

      • Chair: Paul Smyth, Barclays 
      • Steven Busuttil, Lloyds Banking Group
      • Charlotte Grannan, NatWest
      • Gordon McCullough, RiDC

      15.00 PANEL: Breaking Down Barriers to Accessible Information in Financial Services

      Accessibility specialists from the finance sector will share challenges, successes and unexpected discoveries in their work to deliver accessible and inclusive financial services. 

      • Chair: Jane Black: Crawford Technologies
      • Natalie Ledwood, Monzo
      • Christine Hemphill, Open Inclusion 

      14.00 Welcome/ Introduction

      The gaming sector in the UK is bigger than music and movies combined and brings together some of the biggest brands on the planet. It also creates a unique set of accessibility challenges for users and games designers. 

      • Dafydd Henke-Reed, AbilityNet

      14.05 A Brief History of Accessible Gaming

      How has accessibility and inclusion been adopted within the games industry? What are the key challenges which still remain to be addressed?

      • Ian Hamilton

      14.30 How we built the X-Box Adaptive Controller

      Taking a look at the inclusive design processes behind the creation of the iconic and groundbreaking X-Box adaptive controller - an accessible product that broke into the mainstream.

      • Bryce Johnson, Microsoft

      15.00 Conducting User Research in Virtual Reality

      What specific challenges are faced when extending user testing into virtual reality and beyond? Jamie and Lion present a guide to getting started with user testing virtual environments, sharing insights into the challenges and practical tips on ways to overcome them.

      • Jamie Knight and Lion, BBC

      16.00 Accessibility in Games: Challenges and Progression with SightlessKombat

      16.00 The Future of Accessible Information Hosted by UKAAF

      A discussion about the future of accessible document formats, featuring:

      • Roger Firman, UKAAF
      • Tim Nelms, Crawford Technologies
      • Duff Johnson, PDF Association
      • Richard Orme, Daisy Consortium


      17.00 Understanding How Business Sees Accessibility

      Casper Klynge is VP for European Government Affairs at Microsoft and was previosuly a tech ambassador for the Danish Government in Silicon Valley.

      Microsoft's Director of Accessibility, Jenny-Lay Flurrie leads their work on accessibility and inclusion.

      Sam Latif is a Company Accessibility Leader at Proctor & Gamble and will be asking Casper and Jenny about the challenges of building a shared vision for accessibility across an organisation the size of Microsoft. 

      • What do the leaders of the tech industry typically understand about accessibility?
      • How does it impact on their decision-making, if at all?
      • What lessons can we learn about embedding accessibility and inclusion across the C-Suite?

      17.50 Tech4Good Showcase, The Clarion

      Winner of the Tech4Good Accessibility Awards 2020, Open Up Music build musical instruments that anyone can play.

      CEO Barry Farrimond MBE introduces The Clarion, the latest in a long line of innovative, inclusive musical instruments. 

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