Keynotes 2021

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Watch all six Keynote sessions from TechShare Pro 2021.

YouTube links are listed under each session description.

Images of TechShare pro speakers: Phil Spencer, Cindy Rose, Rob Reilly, Pilar Lopez, Cristina Ghetti, Corie Brown, Johan Brand, Jen Devins and Ellie Runcie


Keynote 1: The business advantage of accessibility and inclusion

    Broadcast at 11.00am GMT, Tuesday 16 November 2021


    • Minister for Disabled People, Chloe Smith MP

    The Valuable 500 - an update

    • Caroline Casey - Founder, The Valuable 500

    Why invest in accessibility and inclusion?

    • Christopher Patnoe - Head of Accessibiility Programs and Digital Inclusion, Google
    • Prateek Madhav - Co-Founder an CEO, AssisTech Foundation
    • Varun Chandak - Founder, Access to Success Organisation
    • Bernard Chiira - Director, Innovate Now

    Delivering business advantage

    • Pilar Lopez - President, Microsoft Spain
    • Alisa Choong - SVP and CIO, Information & Digital Services and Operations, Shell
    • Cristina Ghetti - Head of Workforce IT, Nestle
    • Moderator: Corie Brown - Continuity Announcer & Co-Chair of 4Purple, Channel 4

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    Keynote 2: The business value of accessibility and inclusion

    Broadcast at 5.30pm GMT, Tuesday 16 November 2021

    How to build a unicorn with inclusive design

    • Johan Brand - Chief Entrepreneur, Chair & Founder, Kahoot!
    • Rama Gheerawo - Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA

    Building a global disability movement

    • Betsy Beaumon - Chief Product Officer, The Valuable 500
    • Larry Goldberg - Head of Accessibility, Yahoo!
    • Laura Allen - Head of Strategy, Accessibility & Disability Inclusion, Google
    • Carrie Hughes - Director of Social Innovation, Verizon

    The brand value of accessibility

    • Phil Spencer - Executive Vice President, Gaming, Microsoft
    • Cindy Rose - President Western Europe, Microsoft
    • Rob Reilly - Global Chief Creative Officer, WPP

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    Keynote 3: Disability policy and closing the disability digital divide

    Broadcast at 11.00 am GMT, Wednesday 17 November 2021

    EU Disability Strategy & UK Disability Strategy - an update

    • Alejandro Moledo - Head of Policy, Europen Disability Forum
    • Clive Gilbert - Policy Manager, Assistive Technology, PolicyConnect

    Closing the Digital Divide for People with Learning Disabilities

    • Amy Low - Service Delivery Director, AbilityNet
    • Emma Stone - Director of Evidence & Engagement, Good Things Foundation
    • Priya Ramdas - Digital Skills and Inclusion Team Leader, Department of Culture Media and Sport
    • Robert Mclaren - Head of Assistive & Accessible Tech, PolicyConnect 

    Building a diverse workplace

    • Amanda Wadsworth - Disability Policy Adviser, Department of Work and Pensions
    • Shanna Wendt - Vice President of Communications, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
    • Holly Addison - Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry
    • Mark Russell - Inclusion, Diversity and Social Equality Manager, KPMG

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    Keynote 4: How change happens and representation of disabled people

    This session was originally broadcast at 5.30pm GMT, Wednesday 17 November 2021

    Disability representation and the power of social media

    • Emma Lawton - Co-Founder, More Human
    • Dom Hyams - Head of Strategy, Purple Goat Agency
    • Paula Carozzo - Advocate, Disabled Influencer and Model

    How change happens

    • Vint Cerf - Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
    • Haben Girma - Disability Justice Lawyer
    • Robin Christopherson MBE - Head of Digital Inclusion, AbilityNet

    How to make developers into accessibility allies?

    • Dona Sarkar - Director of Technology, Microsoft Accessibility
    • Tom Nabarro - Senior Software Engineer, Intel
    • Juanjo Montiel - Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

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    Keynote 5: Accessibility Leadership - How to win allies and influence people 

    Originally broadcast at 11.00am on Thursday 18 November 2021 

      Making change happen at scale

      • Ellie Runcie - Chief Design Officer, BBC
      • Jen Kozenski Devins - Head of Design, Accessibility & Disability Inclusion, Google

      The accessibility journey

      • Ted Drake - Global Accessibility Leader, Intuit
      • Heather Hepburn - Accessibility Lead, SkyScanner

      What do IT professionals think about accessibility?

      • Maggie Holland - Global Editorial Director & Head of Content, IT Pro
      • Sarah Botterill - Marketing Manager, Free Services, AbilityNet
      • Ritam Gandhi - Founder, Studio Graphene
      • Gerard McGovern - CIO, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

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      Keynote 6: Accessibility 2030 - The future of accessibility and assistive technology

      Broadcast at 5.0pm on Thursday 18 November 2021

      GAAD Foundation

      • Joe Devon - Co-Founder, Diamond & GAAD
      • Jennison Asuncion - Co-Founder, GAAD
      • Alice Taylor, AbilityNet

      Accessible music production & performance: all music lovers can become music makers

      • Si Tew - Founder, Digit Music
      • Jess Fisher - Content Creator, Digit Music

      Accessibility 2030

      • Christopher Lee - Managing Director, IAAP will host a panel of accessibility leaders to discuss future trends for accessibility

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