Accessibility Champions

We have special ticket prices for anyone who runs an Accessibility Champions Network, or similar network of accessibility allies:

  • Champions can book their own ticket for £30 +VAT - we supply a discount code that champions can use at checkout
  • Network owners can buy unlimited passes for £300 +VAT - we supply a discount code that gives your champions a free ticket

Please use the form below to contact us and we will send you full details.

What is an Accessibility Champions Network?

For many years accessibility was led by a lone evangelist, an individual with a passion for accessibility and inclusion who could be relied on to ask about accessibility at every project meeting.

We all know someone who has been through those tough years, building allies, advocating for cvhange and seeing slow changes in process and culture.

As the accessibility movement has taken root we have seen many organisations build a network of people with a variety of roles who can help deliver accessibility. Often referred to as Champions this a way of embedding change in every part of an organisation and can include UX, design, developers, HR, marketing and any other role. 

Some organisations formally recognise that role in people's job descriptions, others leave it as an informal community. Some seek to embed one person in every team, others let the network emerge across disciplines and promote connections and mentoring. Whatever model you have in your organisation we want to help you grow your network by offering special ticket pricing for TechShare Pro 2021.

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