PRO 2021

16, 17 and 18 November 2021

About TechShare Pro 2021

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Key themes

Business advantage

  • What is the business case for accessibility?
  • How does it deliver market advantage?
  • Learn from key players in different sectors.

Policy and inclusion

  • Legal updates on European and UK laws
  • How does the law affect your organisation?

Workplace inclusion

  • Accessibility and hybrid working patterns

Accessibility leadership

  • Building allies in the C-Suite
  • Building an accessibility champions network

Practical skills

  • Accessible pattern libraries
  • Building accessibility into your next project
  • Accessible learning resources

Why attend?

AbilityNet's TechShare Pro conference is Europe's largest accessibility and inclusion gathering, connecting together experts from across sectors and disciplines.

Hear from senior thought leaders

As well as leading accessibility specialists we also hear from the C-Suite - the business leaders who see accessibility as a core component of their business success. 

In 2020 we had a panel about accessibility and business advantage that featured:

  • Chair: Cindy Rose, President Western Europe, Microsoft
  • Mark Read, CEO, WPP
  • Leena Nair, Senior HR Director, Unilever
  • Corie Brown, Channel 4 and co-chair of 4 Purple

We also had business-focused sessions relating to banking, finance, gaming industry and much more.

Join the discussion

As well as the usual mix of panels and interviews we are making sure there are lots of opportunities for discussion and networking - the things we miss most from face-to-face events. 

This will be a chance to get updates on the key issues that affect strategy and practice, and it will also be a chance to make new connections and catch up with old friends.


We are working with the conference software provider to deliver an accessible conference experience for every delegate. We will be providing live captioning and sign language interpreters in all our main sessions as well as the discussion forums we will be hosting.

We can also provide free tickets for support workers and can help you use the platform to enable them to be on hand when you need them.

Contact us to explain your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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