State of the eNation Reports

""Each of AbilityNet's State of the enation reports focuses on a specific consumer sector and reviews how well key players are meeting the needs of disabled people through their digital services.

We have seen a huge change in consumer behaviour in recent years with the advent of ecommerce, smartphones and the widespread adoption of the internet in all parts of our daily lives. Many disabled people have embraced this new technology, finding opportunities to transform their lives at home, at work and in education.

Although the results indicate the relative strengths and weaknesses of individual websites and apps the purpose of the reports is to highlight the many hurdles that disabled people face every day. They raise awareness of the vital role that the internet plays in the lives of disabled people and the independence it can bring. They also focus on the need for those digital services to be made accessible to all.

How we conduct the tests

AbilityNet is a leading provider of accessibility services to a wide range of blue chip companies and has a well-established team of experts as well as state of the art testing facilities and a network of experienced disabeld people who conduct user testing. The enation reports are based on industry-standard tests that we use in this work to provide an independent benchmark. The tests include:

  • a scan of the website using Compliance Sherrif, an enterprise-ready tool that checks for compliance at a code level, identifying known failures and highlighting issues for manual follow up
  • our experienced disabled user testers are given a task relevant to the sector and report on how easy it is to complete and any accessibility issues encountered
  • one of our expert consultants runs through the results and provides a summary report.

A list of previous reports can be found below.


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