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Our free helpline offers trustworthy, independent one-to-one advice about technology for anyone with any disability of any age. We take calls every day from disabled people, their friends, employers, teachers, colleagues and anyone else who wants to know how technology can help people achieve their goals.

You can ask about desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Apple computers, Windows computers, Android tablets, specialist hardware and software, mice, keyboards, the internet and much more.

We help people with any condition or disability. Every week we help people with dyslexia, MS, visual impairment, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, strokes and many more conditions and impairments.

We help people at work, at home and in education.

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Just Ask Alex!

When you call our helpline you will probably speak to Alex Barker, one of our most experienced staff members, who is a mine of useful information about technology.

This video introduces Alex and explains some of the most common questions he answers.

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