Accessibility is the final frontier at ND2012

Robin Christopherson dressed as Spock at ND2012AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion, Robin Christopherson, dressed as Spock to bring accessibility to life at ND2012, the National Digital Inclusion conference that took place in late May. Robin's highly popular speech showed how the future has already arrived for many disabled people as he demonstrated how his smartphone can tell him where he is, remind him of appointments, answer spoken questions and even tell him what money he's holding.

Abilitynet was hosting an Accessibility Zone at the event, which attracted over 1,000 people to Old Billingsgate Market in central London. The Zone provided a chance to speak to experts about all aspects of accessibility and was run in conjunction with partners that included MicroLink, Clear Company, iT4Communities, IT Can Help and RNIB.

As well as his appearance on the main stage Robin was also one half of a Star Trek duo with Mark 'Captain Kirk' Walker, AbilityNet's Marketing Manager. Between them they ran a very successful Accessibility Quiz at various times during the two days in which conference-goers were challenged to answer a mixture of fun and serious questions.

Picture is by MattMitchell101 on Flickr.